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Reach Cambridge: A Truly International Summer School

Published Bernice on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 12:00 AM

International School Cambridge

Every summer, we proudly welcome students from over 50 different countries around the world to live and learn with us in Cambridge, and we can’t wait to welcome the world to Cambridge again for our 2021 summer programs! Scroll through below to find out how we provide a wholly international summer school experience, and why that matters to us.

‘I think other students should apply to Reach Cambridge as it's a great opportunity not only to learn something you're interested in, but also it's a great way to interact with other students from around the world!’ – Johanna, Psychology, Japan

Broadening Student Horizons

With staff and teachers from all over the world, Reach is an international place! We are dedicated to giving students an authentic British experience (we love tea, say things like “wellies” and “cheers,” and we’re full of fun facts like how it’s illegal to kill a swan in the UK because they all belong directly to the queen!). But we also see Reach as a little microcosm of the globe. This means students learn a lot about British culture, but also about other parts of the world too.

International Outreach & Issues

Part of being a global citizen is thinking on a global scale. Through talent shows and the world fair – a celebration of our diverse student community through student-led presentations, food stalls, traditional dress and song and dance – we invite our students to both share their cultures, and mind map together about what they, as the future leaders of tomorrow, can do to make the globalised world a better place for tomorrow.

International Friends for Life

Above all, the best way to get to know another culture must be to make friends from all around the world. Since you’ll be meeting students from different places during classes and activities and meals and in your halls, there’s more than enough opportunity to meet and mingle.

Often students make such strong friendships even during very short stays that they stay in touch after the leave us. We love nothing more than hearing about students who go to visit each other years after they met for the first time at Reach!

Cambridge has always been a hub for students and intellectuals from around the globe. Be part of that tradition with the best academic summer school around!

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