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Become an Entrepreneur with the Reach Cambridge Business Management & Economics Summer Program!

Published Bernice on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 12:00 AM

Become an Entrepreneur

Looking for the perfect Business summer camp to show you how to prepare for university? As one of the most popular university subjects in the UK, and also one which promises the most job diversity, Business Management and Economics is always in high demand.

At Reach, we take the responsibility of introducing students to this varied and competitive discipline seriously. Our Business Management and Economics summer course covers all of the main subject areas from macro-economics to game theory, to entrepreneurship, accounting, influence and persuasion in business, and more!

By studying business through our college preparation courses in Cambridge, students at Reach follow in the footsteps of famous thinkers like Malthus, Keynes, Sen and Stiglitz – to name just a few.

The course is designed to allow students to make their own judgements about the most appropriate approaches to business and economic problems, allowing them to see economics as a rich, pluralist academic discipline. Students receive a full introduction and range of current perspectives, but are also expected to bring their own opinions and reactions to the table. Hands on projects, case studies, collaborations with our psychology students, and lively debate round out this course which can be studied for 2 weeks over one summer program in Cambridge, or take over 2 consecutive programs to maximise learning in a fully immersive 4-week course.

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Past students and teachers agree that this is a course not to be missed. Whether you want to conquer the world, or set out to make it a better, more sustainable place, Business Management and Economics at Reach Cambridge is perfect for making that first plan, and then putting it into action.

Want to combine another discipline with your passion for Economics? We also have a taster course offering a crash course introduction to economics which is not to be missed!

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