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Experience Excellence on a Reach Cambridge Academic Summer Program

Published Lynne on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 12:00 AM

Reach Cambridge Academic

At Reach Cambridge, we really believe in offering students a once in a lifetime experience that is well rounded in every way. But our high standard of teaching is definitely key to what makes our academic summer programs so special and what keeps students from past years—or their siblings or their friends—coming back.

Below are just some of the elements which make each educational experience at Reach so special. Wondering about something not on the list? Send us an email! We’re always keen to talk about classes and learning.

Qualified and Passionate Teachers

We believe strongly that the quality of the student experience starts and ends with the person leading the discussion. That is why we make sure that our teachers are as passionate about their fields today, as they were when they first started out as students themselves. All the teachers of our academic summer courses are academically lauded postgraduates and lecturers. They are doctors and engineers, working at the forefront of their fields. They are lawyers and celebrated writers and journalists for some of the world’s best publications. But they all also love sharing what they know, getting to know their students, and they all have a passion for making their classes as engaging and interactive as they can be—no dry lectures here, we promise!

Fostering Curiosity

Each year, our teachers work with the Director of Curriculum to make our lessons ever better and ever more engaging. Teaching from a principle of curiosity, open-mindedness, and joy, we set high expectations for our students, but believe that it is better to help them explore their curiosity in a subject rather than learn towards any one specific exam. You’d be amazed at what this can do to a classroom. Just ask our teachers—many of them proudly say that because of our students and the excitement of learning for learning’s sake, the Reach Cambridge summer school is their favourite part of the year.  

Key Skills to Help Students Thrive

We may not test students at Reach, but we recognise that tests are par for the course for most of our students in other parts of their lives. This is why our courses also include skill-building elements and exercises, hands on projects, group work, and independent research to ensure that students build key academic skills across the board. Whether you’re wondering how to prepare for university or just want to deepen your knowledge, academic success requires passion, curiosity, dedication, and organisation. We help our students to see the whole picture, and to face each new challenge without losing sight of what makes learning so important and fun.

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