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Intrinsiq Support: Powerful Reporting and Data Interpretation with Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 12:00 AM

Powerful Reporting and Data Interpretation with Intrinsiq

Why is Reporting useful in a school scenario? There are various ways in which reporting can help schools - from determining trends based on past intakes, to knowing which sectors areas or countries one is lacking students from (and using this information to focus on finding agents in that area), to forecasting low student intake periods and having the opportunity to offer discounts during those specific periods. Intrinsiq can make all this possible.

Discovering New Trends is helpful in many ways

One of the areas in which this helps is forecasting and planning ahead. Forecasting is a tool that any school appreciates because once again it is something that not only helps to give an overview of class numbers in the future, but it also enables Sales and Marketing Departments to identify those markets that need a bigger push, or those areas that they need to target more efficiently. Having a tool that is integrated in your CRM and which enables you to do just this, is a very efficient way of helping school staff to do their forecasting even when based on seasonal or annual cycles, hence helping them to also allocate their marketing budgets more effectively. All at just the click of a button!

Reports can be generated at the click of a button

Not only does reporting save a lot of time on research, but Intrinsiq can help make this process even more efficient by generating these reports at the click of a button. If there are certain reports (for example monthly reports on agent performance, or annual reports on student nationalities) that your school needs on a repeated basis, these can be pre-determined, and the system will automatically generate them for you. 

More specific reports are also possible to have at the click of a button

Intrinsiq can also help you generate more complex reports. Let’s, for example, say that you need to find out the number of students coming from a particular country, booked by a specific agent for any said period of time. This qualifies as a search with multiple criteria, and is therefore, considered as complex. However, with Intrinsiq, complex certainly does not mean impossible. We can help you set up this search the first time round so that any time you need to perform it in the future, it will be available to you at the click of a button.

At Intrinsiq we understand how valuable time is, and for this reason, if there are any other reports, which are a bit more complex to generate, and which you need automated, we are always there to help you set this up. That way, you won’t even have to waste time generating such reports, and you will also have them available at the click of a button.

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