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Newsfeed: Pearson College UWC, California celebrates 60th anniversary

Published Bernice on Thursday, September 22, 2022 5:00 PM

Pearson College UWC, California celebrates 60th anniversary

Pearson College UWC is celebrating its 60th anniversary and they have recently shared this news on social media with the rest of their followers. 

Pearson College UWC is a two-year pre-university school (Grade 12 and Gap Year) for up to 200 students from over 100 countries who live, study and grow together at the edge of the western world. 

Speaking of their 60-year anniversary, the College stated: "Our 60th anniversary is a chance for us to celebrate and honour the inspiring changemakers who have blazed new paths for education, giving our students the tools and experience needed to become future peacebuilders. And to reflect on the individual and collective steps taken, both big and small, which have furthered the cause of peace and sustainability in the world."

"To mark and celebrate the occasion students and community members all across campus pursued a UWC challenge, such as 24hrs of Silence, Paddling, Baking, Boat Building, Beekeeping, Knitting, Landscaping, Film Making, Triathlon and so much more. UWC Values in action", they added.

Congratulations Pearson College UWC.


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