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The Paris Saint-Germain Academy England

Published EDU-WorldWide on Saturday, January 19, 2019

Football is a common language spoken by everyone all over the world. It brings people from different backgrounds and cultures together. The Paris Saint-Germain Academy England is now using football to bring students from all over the world together using the English language.

In 2016 ACCORD International Summer Schools partnered with the Paris Saint-Germain Academy and since then it has been wildly successful and popular with the Accord students. It gives students the opportunity to train like the PSG team and play with other children from different countries. Friends for life are made through their common interest in football.

Due to the FA qualified coaching from the PSG Academy coaches, the students learn the importance of communication in both football and everyday life and are urged to only speak English during the training sessions. This boosts their confidence and ability in speaking English, as well as their understanding of the language, as all the sessions are solely coached in English.

Despite being part of Paris Saint-Germain, a global title-winning football club, the Academy welcomes anyone to join, whatever your ability. The PSG coaches strive to make every student feel welcome and comfortable in the sessions as they want to see everyone have an incredible time!

As well as having a fantastic time and improving their English, all the students receive the top of the line, Nike PSG Academy England football kit to train in and keep.

Due to the success and popularity of Paris Saint-Germain Academy England at the Accord ISS Summer schools in Barnard Castle and Moira House, The Paris Saint-Germain Academy England has expanded and continues to do so.  There are now Player Development Programmes and Easter Camps at various schools in London, Lancashire and Kent and more locations are in the pipeline!

At the end of the summer, an incredible amount of the Accord students at Banard Castle and Moira House exclaim that the Paris Saint-Germain Academy England was their favourite part of the summer school and how it was a key contributor in improving their English skills.

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