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Intrinsiq Support: Online Booking forms

Published Bernice on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Online booking forms for education providers

What is it about booking forms that makes them such an important feature to have for school websites? It’s very simple really. Apart from enhancing the customer journey mainly through giving the student or parent immediacy (something which every online buyer considers to be extremely important), they also help schools convert more leads into actual sales. In today’s article we’re going to focus on how this is possible and how the Intrinsiq booking form can help you achieve this target.

You get to build your customer base

Even if the lead does not convert into a sale, you still get to collect valuable information, in a totally legitimate way, about potential future customers.

Booking forms show you exactly what potential students are interested in, and they show you where your students stop in the booking process

If a potential student stops filling out the booking form at any stage, the system will highlight exactly where the student stopped, hence giving Admin and Marketing teams important info as to why the booking stopped at that particular stage. Being able to follow the customer along his/her booking journey is a very important way of analysing what prompts them to stop or continue. And a well designed form will engage and keep the site visitor from leaving prematurely.

You get valuable reporting info on direct bookings

The system is able to generate reports and to collect valuable data at the click of a button, which helps different teams in the office a great deal and helps them save a lot of time on building and preparing Marketing reports.

Intrinsiq can truly help you

Intrinsiq can help enhance the customer journey that you offer through your online booking form, and turn it from a highly stressful, and complex one to a smooth and efficient process that is not only safe but also pleasant! This really does make all the difference between a lost client and a new confirmed booking.

And we’re giving 9 months FREE hosting right now!

So what are you waiting for? If you wish to find out about how your school may have such an integrated online booking form, do not hesitate to send Intrinsiq a message on

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