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Why is it important for Schools to have good Online Booking Forms?

Published on Friday, August 2, 2019

The importance of good online booking forms

How many of you, schools, have online booking forms that you use for direct bookings? How efficient are these online booking forms, and are they connected to your school’s main database? As a school, do you have a system in place which enables you to track potential students? Can you track those who started filling out your online form and then stopped at one point during the process? Does your online booking form allow you to follow up with your direct enquiries, or even to collect reports on direct bookings? And most importantly, does your online booking form give you all of the above at just the click of a button?

If you have answered ‘No’ to one or more of the questions above, you should keep reading! We have a solution that can provide you with integrated, branded forms for schools that  captures and delivers the data directly to the management dashboard.

The system also creates a “provisional interest” record as well as showing data on an online dashboard tracking system. This means that the minute someone starts filling out a booking form, the system registers the name and email address immediately. That way, the school will be able to access the application form that is partially completed, even if the prospective student did not confirm the booking. The system also prompts back-end users to follow up with those who have partially filled up online forms, at specific intervals, hence lifting the weight of “having to remember to follow up” off the admin’s shoulders. Such follow-ups help convert requests into actual sales.

As the prospective student is filling out the online form, the system allows the user to select courses, accommodation options and any other additional services that the school offers, and as the student continues to add more services, a breakdown of the total amount that needs to be paid, appears in live time on the updated form.. Students, especially those who register for courses through online forms, appreciate the transparency of such a system and it makes them feel safer, hence increasing the chances of yet another sale conversion. 

Apart from booking online, such integrated online booking forms also have the option for check out and online payment. The system can integrate with online payment providers (such as Flywire) and your branded invoices to streamline conversion.

Finally, once the applicant has paid, the system also grants access to the Student portal so that applicants will be able to view  their selected courses, fees and accommodation options online at the click of a button.

Intrinsiq can help change the customer journey that you offer through your online booking form from a highly stressful , and complex one that may not give confidence to a  transparent, smooth and efficient process that is not only safe but also pleasant! 

If you wish to find out about how your school may have such an integrated online booking form, do not hesitate to send Intrinsiq a message on

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