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Guidance, advice and academic support for students applying to Oxford and Cambridge, entry October 2022

Published Lynne on Monday, July 26, 2021 12:00 AM

OISC Guidance

If you have students who are considering to Oxford or Cambridge the summer months are the time to start to plan the application. They will need to make important decisions and submit the application, and registration for admissions tests, by October 15th 2021.  

This deadline and the following information is for students applying for undergraduate courses. For postgraduates the application procedure and dates are different and vary from subject to subject. We can offer help and academic support for postgraduate applicants and for further information please mail me at this address.

Oxford International Study Centre has many years of experience of supporting students in their preparation for admission to Oxford (or Cambridge, where the application process is very similar). We do this in three ways:

Guidance with the personal statement. This is usually under the supervision of a Senior Tutor in the chosen degree subject, and the content and structure of your statement is checked by the Principal before submission;

Tuition for the admission tests. This is in the hands of our tutors who have extensive experience of teaching for these tests. Several of them also teach for the University. We draw upon our bank of samples and past exam papers.

Interview preparation. Over many years we have compiled a collection of sample interview questions, often drawing upon our academic connections in the University here. We provide guidance from two tutors, one a subject specialist, the other dealing with more general questions.

Our programmes can be taken online or in Oxford. They are designed for individuals and we offer flexible packages. If you would like a quotation, without commitment, please send me details of the student’s present studies, chosen degree course, and any other relevant background information. I will then get back to you with suggestions and fees.

We are at present offering :

- A free guide to applying to Oxford or Cambridge

- An initial 30minute telephone consultation with the student, without charge

Please contact me by phone or at this email address.

With best regards

Carolyn Llewelyn, MA(Oxon), International Director

+ 44 1865 201009


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