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Autumn Half Term and Easter Revision at OISC

Published Bernice on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 6:45 AM

Autumn Half Term and Easter Revision at OISC

“I was absolutely thrilled with the report for Evdokia. It was a real educational treat. In all 25 years of my work with British education I haven't received such a thorough analysis of the subject the difficulties the student has.
It will be interesting to watch her progress.
Thank you for finding great tutors for all our students.”

Izabella L, Student advisor, Russia

The importance of carefully-planned revision during school holidays cannot be over-stated. A term’s worth of thorough work and diligently completed assignments can be undone with the wrong attitude to private study. However, a well-structured revision programme can be the difference between a mediocre grade and a strong one.

Every year we have helped students to realise their true potential by offering small group and individual tuition  for:

- ALevel…. we offer over 30 subjects


- IB(Diploma and MYP)

- German Abitur

- Preparation for English language tests including IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge examinations, as well as support in General English for students taking other subjects

- Oxford and Cambridge Test and Interview preparation

A short revision course with experienced Oxford tutors can make a lot of difference to final results. Most tuition at half term is individual, and at Easter both individual and small group tuition is provided, depending on subject choice.

Students are sent a Needs Analysis before registration, where they are asked to highlight the areas in each subject on which they wish to focus.

OISC is a well-established international school situated in a historic building in the centre of Oxford. For many years we have offered Half Term and Easter revision programmes, both in school subjects and in English language. OISC is accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (grade one in all categories, which is “outstanding”), a member of COBIS and the European Association for International Education, and a member of ECIS.

--> We are also able to offer personalised online tuition using Microsoft Teams, if a student is not able to take the course in Oxford .

Accommodation options

- Host families, which have been inspected and approved

- The Residence (age 14+) which offers en suite rooms, 

- a common room and dining room

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