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Newsfeed: Jenny Nieveen takes on new role at UniApplyNow

Published Bernice on Sunday, September 4, 2022 11:00 AM

Jenny Nieveen takes on new role at UniApplyNow

Jenny Nieveen is a household name in international education. Many of us have met her in industry workshops and events and we all know Jenny as a highly hardworking person in our beloved sector.

On Saturday, Jenny took to social media to announce that she will be making her next career move. Whilst many of us associate Jenny with OHLA Schools, she will now be moving on to lead OHLA's sister-company UniApplyNow.

"Today after 24 years at OHLA I have assumed a new role in my career. I will now spearhead a university admission platform that will assist international students in gaining admission to top tier universities", she announced.

"It’s not a goodbye as is a Sister company of OHLA Schools , but it is indeed a new adventure", Jenny added.

At Schools & Agents, we'd love to wish Jenny all the very best in her new role. 

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