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News from Becari Conzatti

Published Lynne on Monday, April 11, 2022 12:00 AM

News from Becari Conzatti

Fridays at Becari Conzatti:

As you know, every Friday we have graduations. When we do not have graduations, we have cake or dessert anyway!

Last Friday we celebrated “Samaritana” so we have different flavor waters, “empanadas de vigilia” and “dulces regionales” from Oaxaca.

Students Online:

It seems incredible some of our students online are visiting us in person.

Leah and John thank you for coming last week! They took some classes in person too.

And this week, Paul, Joan and their children Rafi and Lu came to take some lessons and to meet her teacher online Edith in person. They all were very happy!  These are some of the gifts the pandemia has given us!

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