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An Advanced Diploma of Information Technology with an advantage

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, November 16, 2018

If you’re serious about a career in IT, you need to know how to plan and manage complex information management projects. You also need both the Qualification and Certifications employers recognise and trust behind you.

New Horizons Australia’s ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology is unique. It includes three of Microsoft's most popular globally recognised vendor certifications.

You’ll learn how to set up and deploy web applications using the world’s fastest growing cloud platform Microsoft Azure.

You’ll learn how to structure and develop best practice information management systems using Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft SharePoint.

In addition, you will gain highly sought-after process management skills as you work to achieve your PRINCE2® Certification.

New Horizons is the leading technology training solutions company for thousands of corporate and government clients world-wide. When you study at New Horizons Australia you’ll study with Australian business professionals also studying at the school. Perfect for developing your global business network.

In just over 1.5 years, you’ll have developed your professional network, gained your Advanced Diploma in Information Technology, and also globally recognised vendor Certifications. No other Diploma in Australia provides this combination of training.

Here’s how.

New Horizons will provide you with a timetable each term outlining what classes are scheduled and when you’ll need to attend class.

You’ll start by learning the key principles in developing an information management strategy and designing information management systems. You’ll learn to develop the technical requirements to support your IT projects, how to map out and document business procedures, and how to ensure the security of your data and systems.

Over the 1.5 years, you will study alongside senior IT solution architects also studying at the school, and work towards developing your own professional credentials.

In most cases you’ll attend 2 days a week, but there may be some weeks where you need to attend for 5 days. We are often contacted by companies who require graduates to assist in part time work which can further increase your skills and career opportunities. International students are also entitled to work up to 40 hours a fortnight in Australia.

The Units of study you will be required to complete include:

- ICTPMG609 - Plan and direct complex ICT projects

- ICTSUS601 - Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects

- ICTSAD505 - Develop technical requirements for business solutions

- ICTSAS601 - Implement change management processes

- ICTPMG606 - Manage ICT project quality

- ICTPMG608 - Manage ICT project systems implementation

- ICTDBS601- Build a data warehouse

- ICTDBS501 - Monitor and improve knowledge management system

- ICTDBS602 - Develop a knowledge management strategy

- ICTICT604 - Identify and implement business innovation

- ICTICT605 - Implement a knowledge management strategy

- ICTPRG604 - Create cloud computing services

- ICTNWK616 - Manage security, privacy and compliance of cloud service deployment

- BSBWOR502 - Lead and manage team effectiveness

- ICTICT608 - Interact with clients on a business level

- ICTICT610 - Manage copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment

How do I gain the Certifications?

As you progress through your course Units, you will be completing, in parallel, the following Certifications:


PRINCE2® Foundation course is a 3-day block which covers the fundamental components of project management and will prepare students for sitting the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. PRINCE2® is the widest used certification in project management today.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing skills are now essential for a role in any IT team. As part of this course students will learn how to design and implement Microsoft Azure cloud-based virtual networks, how to deploy website apps using Azure and how to monitor them.

Microsoft SharePoint

During the student’s course of study, they will learn to configure and manage a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 environment. They will gain critical skills on how to design and develop advanced information management systems within a business.

Microsoft SQL Server

Using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 students will learn how to design, implement and maintain a secure data warehouse - including an Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Management & Leadership Skills

Leadership training is designed to give students the foundation skills and practical techniques necessary to assert themselves in a management position.

They will learn how to establish themselves as a Manager, how to set expectations with staff, how to delegate, give and receive feedback and how to manage conflict. Most importantly they will learn how a lead the team towards success.

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