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New Horizons Australia: 5 reasons why you should study IT in Melbourne

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, June 3, 2019

NH Australia Melbourne

“Study in Melbourne, the world's most liveable city, where international students receive a warm welcome.” – Wherever you look and whoever you ask, this is the feedback you will receive if you want to know more about studying in Melbourne. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city, after Sydney, and it’s known as the coffee capital of the world and cultural diversity. Those coming to Melbourne to study will feel at home in no time. If this is not a good enough reason to spend time studying in this city, here are 5 more reasons why you should:



Melbourne is a student city

Melbourne has been the most liveable city for many years in a row, and in addition to that, Melbourne is the best student city in Australia and the third best student city in the world. This is important because if there are many students in a city, it creates more diversity and a better student (nationality) mix in the schools. Just to put things into perspective, Melbourne hosts over 230 different nationalities!

Lifestyle and Culture

Melbourne is mostly known for its pleasant lifestyle and cultural events, ranging from art, music, festivals, and as well as fashion, both local and international. The fact that so many different cultures are present at these events, creates more diversity and more openness from locals. Students feel welcome in this city because there is a culture of hospitality, and it is the reason why so many foreigners choose to spend more time here. Institutions such as New Horizons Australia, also organise a lot of events to make students feel welcome, introduce new cultures, educate them on important aspects of life and working in Australia and help everyone feel comfortable during their stay.

It's the Top Tech City in Australia

According to Savills research, Melbourne is a real tech hub, and Australia’s top tech city. Students considering a tech career would feel right at home starting their studies in Information Technology here. “Melbourne offers the infrastructure, business environment, talent pool and lifestyle to make it a strong base for tech companies.” The fact that the New Horizons campus is located in the heart of Melbourne, guarantees that New Horizons students will find themselves in the heart of this inspiring Tech Hub. 

Yearly, many tech events find their way to Melbourne, CyberCon for example, or the Technology and Gadget Expo and the Internet of Things Festival to name a few. These tech festivals celebrate technology and are a great inspiration for those who are looking to start a career in tech. For International students this is one of the main reasons to settle in Melbourne; to study Information Technology in Australia.

It’s easy to get around in Melbourne

Melbourne is very practical in this respect because it has an integrated public transport system. Students can easily make use of taxis, trains, buses and trams, at low cost. Especially the fact that students can also choose from busy or quieter blocks of accommodation, in different parts of the city, makes it easier for everyone to pick a place that truly feels like home.

Moving around also means being able to reach different parts of the city that offer different experiences. Surrounding Melbourne, you can find snowy mountains, beaches, desert regions, and even historical towns. Therefore, anyone living in Melbourne has the opportunity to experience various aspects of the Australian lifestyle.

The Melbourne climate

Although the reasons mentioned above may have already convinced you to pack your bags and visit Melbourne, climate may still be an important factor. It will certainly play an important part for those who plan to spend more time living and studying in the city. In comparison to other Australian cities, Melbourne is relatively cool and tends to feature all the four seasons in one day. This may be because it is built around Port Phillip Bay on the southern edge of Australia, making it more prone to receiving cooler, more humid air. On the other hand, it is sometimes affected by the warmer, dryer air from inland Australia, and it can get incredibly hot!  

Melbourne is a city for everyone, no matter the nationality or age, the locals will always go out of their way to make you feel at home. For more information on studying in Melbourne, feel free to contact us on

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