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New Horizons Australia: Interview with Michael Robinson, Head of Learning and Developmen

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, August 9, 2019

NH Australia Interview MR

At New Horizons Australia we always make sure to have a team of people who work well together, but also who can increase the value that we give to our students. Michael Robinson has recently joined us as the new Head of Learning and Development. We had the opportunity to interview him briefly so you can get to know him too!

1. You have recently joined New Horizons Australia, tell us a little bit about yourself 

I have spent 25 years in senior roles across the Education and Training industry. The past 10 of these years have been running Vocational Education and Training institutions.  This is a highly regulated industry by the Government and being across compliance to all the Education standards are critical in my role.  

Apart from the overall technical aspect of working in this industry, I also enjoy talking with the students and getting a sense that they enjoy the country, engage with their teachers and understand some of their backgrounds. It’s also extremely interesting for me to know what the achievement of a qualification will mean to them and their families back home. Australia is a big investment for many of our students, so the education is important to them. Many are challenged with having to also make an income while they study. Helping them gain a sense of balance in doing both, plus seeing the sights of the country, is very rewarding.

Since joining New Horizons Australia, I have also been working with the teaching staff to inform and educate on how best to deliver training to different groups of people, such as corporate clients and International students.

2. What makes New Horizons Australia unique in the field of International Education in your opinion? 

When you study at New Horizons you can gain globally recognised training certifications including Microsoft, PRINCE2® or Java. 

Students study alongside Australian business professionals also studying at the school. 

New Horizons Australia is part of a global network of over 270 schools that teach students the skills that businesses want to hire graduates with. 

3. Which programmes does New Horizons offer to International Students? 

We currently offer:

- The Diploma of Information Technology

- The Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

- The Diploma of Project Management

All these qualifications are nationally accredited and can be very beneficial to international students. We also include a number of Vendor courses as an additional benefit within our qualifications, which are internationally recognized. These include PRINCE2, HTML and Java8. 

4. What are New Horizons' main markets at the moment

We are recruiting students from around the globe with focus on Latin America, Europe and Asia making the nationality mix in our schools a very interesting one.  We have welcomed students from many different countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Netherlands, Nepal, Macedonia, China, India and more. 

5. Why should agents work with New Horizons Australia, in your opinion? 

Agents continue to look for quality partners who have a good reputation and are well established. We tick the boxes in all, plus we are active in building and maintaining relationships as we are all about long term mutual benefit. We also have a continuous improvement strategy, where we take on board the feedback of agents and students and industry to make certain we are improving our offering as we grow. 


6. Where do you see New Horizons Australia in 5 years?

New Horizons continue to grow in a number of areas, which include short Professional Development courses, Technical courses, domestic and international students. All these sections will continue to grow, and New Horizons are in a very good strategic position to rapidly meet market demand and create new opportunities in the ever-changing market of education. 


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