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Australia releases update to the National Code

Published on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

On 1 January 2018 new laws came into effect in Australia to ensure students truly do have a Happy New Year in 2018, and beyond.


The National Code 2017 has now been updated to the National Code 2018. The purpose of the National Code is to outline standards for Registered Training Providers to deliver quality education services to International Students studying in Australia. The updated Code sets out new requirements on how this is to be done.


As an International Education Agent working with Registered Providers in Australia, you can (and we recommend you do) download the updated Code, and review the General Fact Sheet made available by the Australian Government.


Here's a short summary of the changes, in particular Standards 1-4.


The National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018


STANDARD 1 Marketing information and practices now includes direct reference to Australian Consumer Law. The intent remains largely unchanged. It continues to ensure that Registered Providers are not giving international students false or misleading information about courses, migration outcomes or outcomes associated with courses – it also requires Registered Providers to be transparent about associations held with other providers.


Why we're excited: This standard clearly helps agents and students distinguish between programs and aims to provide a clear picture of the experience students will have with each provider. For New Horizons, this only helps to enhance the value we provide by including our associated providers' (Microsoft and Axelos) Vendor Certifications in all our Qualifications  and the Pathway programs we have with English Language Schools and Universities.


Tips for Agents:

  • Always refer to and share the most up-to-date marketing resources provided by your Education Partners. You can access New Horizons Agent Resources here.
  • Do not provide guarantees or promises of any sort to students or families on the outcome of any visa, migration or employment prospects.
  • Ensure you communicate who the Registered provider's partner organisations are when packaging enrolments
  • Familiarise yourself and staff with Australian Consumer Law


STANDARD 2: Recruitment of an overseas student now requires Registered Providers to provide more information to International students about course content before they are enrolled. This includes information about compulsory online or work-related learning, information on the costs of living in Australia and accommodation options.


We're up-to-date: We've addressed these requirements in our Course Outlines, Student Prospectus and Student Handbooks. You can download copies for your own records at the New Horizons Agent Resource Centre.


Tips for Agents:


Before you process any application - check your student meets the eligibility criteria

  • are they qualified for a particular course?
  • do they have the necessary English language proficiency?
  • do they have the necessary educational qualifications and/or work experience?


In addition, make sure you:

  • provide students with a copy of the course outline and content – New Horizons also requires you to provide them with a copy of the Student Handbook
  • provide students with information about living costs in Australia and accommodation options, you can find this in our Student Prospectus
  • if students are under 18 years, provide information on the process for approving welfare and accommodation arrangements (note New Horizons does not enrol students under the age of 18)


STANDARDS 3 & 4: Formalisation of enrolment and written agreements & Education agents.


A MUST READ FOR AGENTS The 2018 standards provide greater detail about what should be included in a written agreement between a Registered provider and Education Agent, and now also requires Registered Providers to enter and maintain details of Education Agents with whom they have a written agreement with in PRISMS.


Importantly, it also includes new elements requiring Registered Providers to ensure agents have the appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Code of Ethics and National Code, and calls for immediate corrective action or termination of relationships (or subcontractors) should agents (or agent subcontractors) engage in false or misleading recruitment practices. (Refer sections 4.3 and 4.5 of the National Code 2018).


How this impacts us all: New Horizon's is looking to work with quality Education Agents who share the same values in delivering a quality experience and education service. Our processes will be clear, fair and consistent, and are modelled on the 2018 National Code guidelines.


Tips for Agents:


STANDARD 5: Younger overseas students New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology does not enrol students under the age of 18. If you are working with registered providers who do, we strongly recommend you view this guideline in full so that you know what is required in managing discussions with guardians and students.


STANDARDS 6 - 11: The 2018 update calls for Registered Providers to increase access to information for all students, and to ensure their processes and policies are up-to-date and in alignment with the Code.


The ultimate goal for all of us is to ensure the safety, and best possible experience for International Students whilst studying in Australia.


We're up-to-date: We've modelled our policies and processes on the 2018 code. We welcome you to connect with us to learn more about our student support services, our Agent services and pedagogy at any time.


If you would like to become a preferred agent with us, please contact us on +61 2 8263 5900 - alternatively email or click here to apply online

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