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MyGermanWay helps professionals find their way in Germany

Published Bernice on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 12:00 AM

MyGermanWay helps professionals find their way in Germany

German language and culture training, career counselling and job placement for talented individuals who wish to move to Germany

Launched yesterday, MyGermanWay is an exciting new venture promoting and facilitating life in Germany for talented professionals.

Founded by Maria Castro and Ana Gomez, MyGermanWay was born from their desire to help others enjoy the opportunities they both had as foreign professionals in Germany.

“Our mission is to help expats like us settle down in Germany and fulfill their dreams.We help skilled workers and professionals make it in Germany: we teach them German for work, help them find a traineeship and/or a job, and mentor them once they arrive so they do not feel alone” Said co-founder, Ana Gomez

At the same time, MyGermanWay will help German companies find qualified, motivated, staff from abroad to meet massive shortages of skilled workers in many fields including healthcare and engineering.

Ana and Maria are looking forward to launching the first wave of their industry-specific programme: German with Work Placement for Doctors and Medics on April 12.

This programme will be split into two arms, one for doctors and care personnel. Students in these courses will not only gain the language skills necessary to find work in Germany, they will also be prepared to sit the required German language exam, receive cultural training and enjoy paid vocational training at one of the hospitals or clinics in the wide healthcare network Ana and Maria have developed and curated in cooperation with Lingucare.

Maria and Ana are not new to this field. Maria has worked in international education for 17 years and is a director of education agency, Linguland, helping German students to study abroad. Additionally, she sits on the board of ALTO and is a co-founder of Lead5050. On top of all this, Maria is also a qualified life and career coach.

Ana has many years corporate experience in the field of pharma and medical supplies. However, it was her deep love of language that led her to found two foreign language schools and eventually, her successful German school, Angolingua. Ana is also certified teacher of German for Medical Purposes, including preparation for the German for Medical Purposes exam.

Both Ana and Maria came to Germany as exchange students some 20 years ago from Spain. “We found endless opportunities here and a lot of support.” Said Maria, “Now we want to use our experience and network to give back and help everyone reach their full potential here, while we contribute to this country that has been so good to us”.

For more information or any questions about MyGermanWay, please contact info@mygermanway 

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