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Intrinsiq Support: The efficiency of Multiple Portals

Published Bernice on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 12:00 AM

The efficiency of Multiple Portals

Intrinsiq is a school management system that thrives on efficiency and one way of achieving this is through their use of multiple portals. In fact, the Intrinsiq system has portals for students, teachers and also host families. These are the three departments within a school that normally tend to generate the highest amount of traffic in the office. Thanks to Intrinsiq’s efficient system, students, teachers and host families can check for any updates or they can verify any questions they may have from the comfort of their smartphone.

The Homestay Portal

The Intrinsiq Homestay Portal allows host families to log in and enter the periods of time when they would not be available to host students, as well as view the bookings that your school’s Accommodation department would have made for them. The Homestay portal is a really big hit with Intrinsiq clients, as host families can access all the data that pertains to the students they will be accommodating, from arrival dates, to flight details and times in a very simple manner by themselves without having to call and email and message your Accommodation Members of Staff every five minutes, especially during peak season.

The Student Portal

The Student Portal allows Students to log in and view their course information and classroom updates. This option also lets a student log in and access their course details, timetables and attendance, at the click of a button. With this option you not only save time due to the fact that a student's profile is automatically updated once a class is assigned, but you also avoid an onrush of students in the main office asking to see their timetable or any other class-related questions they might have. 

The Teachers Portal

Thanks to the newly-updated Intrinsiq system, class allocation and management can now be found on the same page. From this page you are also able to change the number of classes, days and times, and also assign students to a class just by dragging and dropping. Teachers are also able to access this portal in order to find out about any updates to their classes, student info, levels, nationalities….and all the additional student data that teachers need in order to continue planning effective lessons. The beauty of this is that they save time by receiving this info on their smartphones without the need to visit the Academics Office.

Get in touch with Intrinsiq today!

Thanks to Intrinsiq, you can really save time and focus your efforts on taking your students’ journey to the next level. So what are you waiting for? For any matters related to School Management Software Systems, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Intrinsiq team on [email protected] to set up an appointment.


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