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Merrick Prep School & Testimonials

Published Bernice on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 12:00 AM

Boarding School in Canada

Merrick Preparatory School is a small boarding school outside of Ottawa, that welcomes students from all around the world to join the MPS family for grade 9-12 either in September or February live online as well as in person.

We have a maximum capacity of 60 boarding students and 20 day (local) students and up to 30 synchronous, real-time, live online learners.  We have a powerful and BIG impact on a small number of students versus an insignificant and small impact on a large number of students. 

One of our mothers, whose son graduated this year, said the following: “What an amazing school... amazing teachers…amazing team”

We value diversity and have between 15-30 different nationalities represented in our student population every year.  We are truly DISTINCTLY CANADIAN and UNIQUELY GLOBAL! 

Our average class size is 10 students per class and our teacher to student ratio ranges from 1:6 to 1:8 depending on the number of students, but never exceed 1:8. 

One of our graduates from 2021 send us the following: “I’ve never been in a school where I was surrounded by such a strong support system. Usually, I’ll be left to figure most things out on my own and find solutions, but in Merrick, it’s so different. Each teacher cares so much for the students and they’re willing to go as far as they can to assist them. That’s very unique. I hope that in future, I’ll be able to visit you all and keep in touch because I attended such a nice school with lovely advisors”

Since our founding in 2012 we have maintained a 100% university placement rate with 100% of our students gaining entry to the program of their first choice.  Our students are accepted into the best universities (all world ranked) in Canada, USA and UK.  Since 2012 we have had 119 graduates who have earned $680,000 in university scholarships.  We graduate students who are broad minded and compassionate global citizens committed to making meaningful contributions to their communities.

A father whose son graduated this year share the following with us: “I want to thank you again for are the limitless efforts that you and the school staff have exerted with the students to insure a perfect educational experience.”

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