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Starting a new school year at Merrick Preparatory School in Merrickville/ Ontario!

Published Bernice on Saturday, October 8, 2022 3:48 PM

Starting a new school year at Merrick Preparatory School in Merrickville Ontario!

Canada is an amazing country with so much to offer, and there are only a few things more exciting than kicking off a new school year at Merrick Preparatory School. So, it is really not surprising how quickly the first month on campus has flown by. And what an incredible September it has been! 

The Merrick Prep students have settled in well and we are proud of the diversity and the many different cultures and backgrounds that they bring to our school. At Merrick Prep, we understand that starting at a new school can be daunting, but our strong and supportive community makes it easy to feel at home away from home, starting from the very first day of the new school year. 

The variety of fun extracurricular activities help our students from all over the world settle in and make friends quickly:  

We started the new school year with river rafting in Ottawa - definitely a highlight for everyone involved! It was so much fun being out on the water and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Nation’s capital. Not only was the rafting trip a great opportunity for the kids to get to know each other better, but it was also a chance to challenge themselves and push their boundaries. They learned a lot about working together as a team and had so much fun in the process.

Not less exciting was the cruise on the St. Lawrence River where we boated along the scenic shores of one of the most beautiful and biodiverse regions in North America. It was a wonderful occassion for the students to learn more about the area, the history of the St. Lawrence River, its ecosystem and importance to the region – all while enjoying time outdoors in the fresh air and soaking up the autumn sun.

We are so proud of how our Merrick Prep students have adjusted to their new boarding school life and we know they will continue to thrive on their academic journey in the months ahead.

We thank each one of them for making the first month on campus such a success!

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