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Merrick Prep's 2020

Published Bernice on Monday, December 21, 2020 12:00 AM

2020 at Merrick Prep

The year 2020 came with lots of challenges that no one had anticipated. BUT it  helped us appreciate each other more and value the good things we have in our lives on a daily basis. Everyone at Merrick Preparatory School worked closely together to ensure the safety of our students but more than that, to make sure that our students continue their education in order to achieve their dreams. We graduated 15 students in June 2020 who successfully transitioned to their new university destinations around the world.

Our MPS family is a place for students to feel at home, to grow and to work towards their dreams in a safe, nurturing environment. We are truly thankful for our students, parents, staff as well as our agents around the world, who remain connected and continue to support us. We want to say “Thank You!”.  We hope you enjoy our MPS “Holidays around the World” video.  We continue to create a home for our students, spreading the positive MPS spirit, living our core values of community, courage and compassion and helping our students achieve their dreams.

We look forward to the New Year and all the wonderful opportunities it will provide! Stay safe! Happy Holidays!

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