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4 Tips to Use the Schools & Website Better: Membership Options for Schools

Published Bernice on Monday, January 24, 2022 12:00 AM

Membership Options for Education Providers

As we normally do on Monday, today we will also be sharing with you some tips on how to use the Schools & Agents website better. This time round we will be focusing mainly on Schools and Education Providers, and we will be showing you how you can make the most of your membership options with us.

In this article we will be focusing on 4 main areas:

1) The different membership options

2) The importance of content writing

3) Making use of Live Broadcasts

4) The importance of Social Media marketing and how we can help you with that

So let's go:

Light, Premium or Platinum Membership Options for Schools

Our Schools can choose from 3 different membership options - Light, Premium or Platinum. These membership options will determine two very important things. The first is the profile position in our directory - meaning that Platinum schools are listed at the top of the direcotry, Premium schools are listed in the middle, and Light schools are listed at the bottom. The second important thing is that the membership option will also determine how much content the schools can send us. Light members do not have the option to send us member articles to publish and disseminate; Premium members can send us one member article per month; Platinum members can send us member articles on a weekly basis. These articles are published on our site and disseminated on our social media and newsletter reacher over 100,000 industry players per month.

The Importance of Content Writing

In the previous section we mentioned the importance of Member articles. Sometimes schools tell us that they would love to submit more content, however, they do not have the time to work on it. We can help you in that area too! We also launched a content writing package where we will write the articles on behalf of the schools, and on their side, schools have the choice to use these articles on the Schools & Agents website, on their own blogs, on their own social media...and anywhere else they like. The ownership of the articles will be of the schools.

Make Use of Live Broadcasts

Another way in which you can benefit from the Schools & Agents profile is to use our Live Broadcast option. This is a way to reach agents and industry professionals via video through our social media channels. During the live broadcast we will focus on any topic of your choice - it could be an important anniversary or a new course for example, or it could simply be to discuss your destination or your Unique Selling Points - the possibilities are endless! We will promote this live broadcast in advance so that anyone who is interested in joining, will be able to join and ask questions during the live broadcast. Once the broadcast is over, we will send you the recording of it so that you can upload this to your YouTube channel or even use it for your own promotion.

The importance of Social Media marketing and how we can help you with that

We sometimes meet schools who tell us that they struggle with consistency when it comes to social media. Schools & Agents can also help in that area. We can review and optimise your social media channels, get you started on social media, provide you with a social media plan, provide you with social media content, train you to become more efficient and effective on your social media. Basically we can take care of your social media channels on your behalf, or we can train you and show you how best to do it.

If you are a school and you wish to have a better digital presence this year, drop us a line and we can certainly help you. If you are already a Schools & Agents member and you wish to discuss your current membership, drop us a line too....we are always happy to hear from you :)


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