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Discover Antigua with Maximo Nivel

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, September 21, 2018

Joining Máximo Nivel in Guatemala means discovering Antigua, one of the most beautiful well-preserved colonial city in Latin America, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Máximo Nivel institute is in the heart of the city and offers 22 classrooms, a lovely central garden and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of Volcán de Agua. The school is open 7days/week including holidays, and offers a snack bar and 2 computer labs. Students are welcomed with an orientation and a walking tour, and can find plenty of extra-curriculum activities to practice their Spanish, like our language exchange Tandem Conversation Program, salsa classes to learn Latin dancing or cooking classes to prepare delicious traditional Guatemalan dishes.

If you still think that Guatemala is not safe, check this out!

New Volunteer Projects at Maximo Nivel

Sustainable Agriculture

At this Eco-Agriculture project volunteers work with local farmers just outside of Antigua where they learn all about the sustainable farming of macadamia nuts. Volunteers participate in every step of the production process including picking, weeding, planting, processing, and packaging.

Mayan Immersion 

The Mayan Cultural Immersion program gives volunteers an opportunity to experience the culture of a typical Mayan Kakchikel-speaking family in a rural Guatemalan farming community at about 30 minutes from Antigua. Volunteers work side by side with the families, providing an in-depth look into a traditional way of life.

Alpaca Animal Care

At the Alpaca Project volunteers work on a farm owned and operated by a local Huayllarcocha (little village just outside Cusco) family. They feed and care for the llamas and alpacas, helping with the treatment of sick animals and with the development of the farm.

Beach Conservation

This program is located in a natural reserve in the Nicoya Peninsula, that was the first protected area of Costa Rica.  Volunteers get involved with the preservation of the flora and fauna, trail and park maintenance, beach cleanup, day patrols and ongoing research.

All our Volunteer Projects include airport pick-up, accommodation and board, 24/7 assistance, project management, social activities, official certificate of Volunteer service, 24/7 access to our Máximo Nivel Institutes, facilities and language exchange programs.

Check out our program fees here.

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