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The Department of Mathematics, University of Rijeka

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Maths Dept Uni of Rijeka

The Department of Mathematics, University of Rijeka, is a member institution of University of Rijeka who conducts research and professional work in the field of mathematics, organizes study programmes in mathematics and assures the development of the personnel in mathematics at the University of Rijeka. Since 2012, it is situated in the new Trsat Campus.

The Department is divided into divisions:

- Division of Algebra and Number Theory

- Division of Discrete Mathematics

- Division of Mathematical Analysis

The members of the Division of Discrete Mathematics of the Department of Mathematics form the biggest research group in discrete mathematics in Croatia.

Division of Discrete Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics conducts, among other study programmes, the graduate study programme Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications which will be carried in English since the academic year 2019/2020.  There is no tuition fee for students enrolled in the academic year 2019/2020 since it is covered by Europen Union through the ESF project „Strategic internatiolisation of Graduate Studies in Mathematics and Biotechnology – OPTILIFE“.

The completion of this kind of study provides a good basis for the possible development of a scientific career in the field of science and engineering, but it also provides potential employment in various areas, at the positions which require algorithmic way of thinking and the ability to analyse data. The knowledge gained in this study programme is highly applicable in the economy; graph theory has broad application, from telecommunications to the design of road networks, coding theory and cryptography are used daily in communication. Since there will be more and more jobs related with ICT technologies and data protection, the need for this profile of personnel will increase. The optimization is very purposeful in various business processes, while the design and analysis of experiments are necessary in carrying out of any experiment, from the production of new drugs to machine testing. Also, the knowledge in the field of experimental design is very applicable in examining the characteristics of the finished products and we expect the labour market to demonstrate the need for our graduates.

Contact Information: Department of Mathematics - University of Rijeka; Email:, Telephone: +385 (0}51 584 650.




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