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ICEF CEO delves into ICEF Digital

Published Bernice on Tuesday, October 10, 2023 12:00 PM

ICEF CEO delves into ICEF Digital

ICEF CEO Markus Badde has taken to social media to continue to shed light onto the upcoming ICEF Digital event that will take place on November 3rd at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin. Indeed, he expressed his excitement at how the "second ICEF Digital is coming together!"

In his post, Mr Badde claimed that "this one day all about how digital and AI innovations are impacting international education, today and in the future."

"It features insightful presentations and interactive sessions with experts in blockchain, digital media and AI, as well as bringing together thought leaders from digital innovators such as:  Wouter Trumpie, Chief AI Architect at Salesforce; Dan Zbijowski, CMO at GoStudent; Denise Mancinone, Head of Marketing at Snap Inc.; Klinton Bicknell, Head of AI at Duolingo; Kira Grabner and Victoria Canduela, Agency and Client Partners at Meta; Piero Tintori, CEO at Terminalfour and Misty Wilson, Head of Education at Immerse", he added.

Mr. Badde highlighted the significant digital transformation taking place within our sector, emphasizing the challenges faced by international student recruiters in adapting to digitally native student cohorts. He mentioned that this transformation spans a wide spectrum of technologies, including blockchain, CRM systems, AI-powered chatbots, and digital media, among others. This influx of digital and AI innovations was described as an overwhelming wave of change. Mr. Badde also acknowledged that many individuals find this rapid pace of change unsettling. In response to this, ICEF Digital aims to provide clarity and insights into these critical trends and their implications for the international education sector.

"ICEF Digital is all about maximizing the potential of such innovations for your own organisation: How can they make your processes more efficient, boost your recruitment success and enhance personalised communications with future students?"

Mr. Badde emphasized that this event is designed with a specific audience in mind, catering to student recruiters, education agents, marketeers, and heads of international offices. He highlighted its significance as an excellent avenue for gaining insights into the latest digital trends and their relevance to our industry. Moreover, he underlined the event's value as an outstanding opportunity for networking with the creators of pioneering tech tools and platforms. In essence, Mr. Badde emphasized that ICEF Digital goes beyond merely comprehending innovations and their potential benefits; it also provides a direct avenue for engaging with the innovators themselves.

You are still in time to participate at ICEF Digital, which will take place right before the ICEF Berlin workshop. Get your tickets here.

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