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Marketing Monday: Put a little bit of love into your social strategy

Published Bernice on Monday, February 13, 2023 7:01 AM

Put a little bit of love into your social strategy

It's Valentine's Day week and while it's good to think of flowers and chocolates for our loved ones, we also need to take into consideration some TLC for our social strategy. Many might think that V-Day is just another commercial day, and while that might be true, it surely is a day on which social media channels are flooding with love!

Here's how you can add some romantic flair to your social media channels...

Change your profile covers and images

One tip is to jump on the romantic bandwagon by changing your profile photos and cover images just for this week. It is advisable that such photos are a Valentine’s Day tie-in that allows your brand to still be recognizable but also celebrates the holiday!

Create dedicated Valentines day posts and include your best selling services and products

We often hear industry partners tell us that they struggle with getting ideas for content to post on their social media channels. Well this week you are certainly sorted. You can easily have one post per day coming out on your social media channels with a love-theme. It could be a love for languages, love for education, love for a destination, love for a special offer or a discount, or love for a staff member. There you go - 5 days, 5 post ideas! Want more of these? Drop us a line to set up a call!

Engage your followers to share their stories and spread the love!

The success of a content strategy these days is all about authenticity and originality, so why not get your own followers to generate content for you? Here are some tips:

  • Organise a contest or run a series of simple polls to test how engaged your audiences are.
  • Ask your followers what they think about the posts you are sharing. Are they insightful enough? Would they like to see anything different? That would give you more and more ideas.
  • Polls are always a quick and easy way to get clear and specific answers (and they give you more organic reach on Instagram and Facebook).
  • Contests, on the other hand, allow for more creativity.



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