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Marketing Monday: Developing a Successful Email Marketing Campaign for International Student Recruitment

Published Lynne on Monday, September 18, 2023 9:00 AM

Marketing Monday: Developing a Successful Email Marketing Campaign for International Student Recruitment

Using careful planning and strategic messaging, email marketing campaigns help schools, universities and agents connect with prospective students abroad and encourage them to apply. Here are some tips for developing a winning email marketing campaign for recruiting international students. 

Know Your Audience

The first critical step is conducting in-depth market research on your target countries and demographics. Look at factors like language needs, academic interests, cultural values, and major issues influencing the decision-making process. This will allow you to craft messaging that resonates with specific student segments and addresses their concerns. 

Segment & Personalise 

Using your research insights, divide your mailing list into different student personas. For example, one segment might target those interested in English language exams, like IELTS, whilst another may focus on students looking for a fun mix of language learning and cultural activities. For each segment, customise email content, tone, and design to align with their preferences. Personalisation also significantly improves open and click-through rates, so try using merge tags to include the prospect's name and other details to create a more tailored feel.

Highlight Unique Offerings

What makes your business stand out from others in the international student market? Draw attention to specialised programs, renowned faculty members, scholarships for international students, or other benefits that would appeal to your target segments. Demonstrate to students how your school/agency can help them achieve their personal and professional ambitions.

Consider Timing & Frequency

Lastly, determining the right moment to send your emails is critical. Consider time zones when targeting international students so your emails arrive when they are likely to be awake and responsive. Additionally, be mindful of the frequency, as bombarding prospects with daily messages can lead to opt-outs. Instead, establish a consistent and reasonable email schedule, ensuring you stay on their radar without overwhelming them.


Written by Stephanie Clark

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