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MALTALINGUA - Summer English and fun under the sun

Published Bernice on Tuesday, May 9, 2023 8:49 AM

MALTALINGUA  - Summer English and fun under the sun

Everyone here at Maltalingua is working hard to prepare for our upcoming Summer Junior Programme for kids and teenagers aged 8-17. 

Big News 

- Maltalingua has a BRAND NEW Summer School just a short walking distance from our Junior Residence

- New Junior Syllabus - National Geographic Voices


Starting on the 27th of May and running until the 10th of September our Summer Junior Camp guarantees a diverse range of fun, safe and educational activities, fantastic accommodation, easy transfers, and of course, significant progress in developing a range of different skills in English in our interactive and engaging classrooms!
Spaces are very limited so reserve your place today!

Maltalingua Secures Government Flagship School for Summer

The new Maltalingua Summer School is modern and has well-designed classrooms, providing an optimal learning environment for students.

The classrooms are spacious, brightly lit, air conditioned and thoughtfully arranged to accommodate interactive and collaborative learning. The school understands the importance of creating a comfortable and engaging atmosphere, equipping the classrooms with ergonomic furniture and advanced teaching aids.

The school's commitment to providing excellent facilities is evident, such as ensuite bathrooms and interactive whiteboards in each classroom. This ensures that students have access to up-to-date educational spaces that meet the evolving needs of the modern learning environment.

The school is located just an 8 minute walk away from our comfortable and popular junior residence.

Maltalingua Launches Brand New Junior Syllabus

National Geographic Voices teaching English for juniors offers a multitude of benefits for young learners. Firstly, it provides an immersive language experience by incorporating captivating content and real-world topics from National Geographic, igniting curiosity and engagement. This approach fosters not only language proficiency but also a deeper understanding of the world around them. The program promotes active communication and critical thinking skills, encouraging students to express their thoughts and opinions confidently.

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