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Malaga Education Week

Published on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Malaga Education Week will take place from 7-14 January 2018. This initiative aims to focus the attention of the Study Abroad industry on Malaga as a study destination, especially for Language Tourism. This will be achieved by bringing together in Malaga, teachers, senior academics, representatives of the local and national administrations, international educators and educational consultants.  


Malaga Education Week (MEW) is a unique opportunity for Malaga, attracting attention from the national and international press resulting in a tremendous boost for the city as a leading destination for the study of Spanish as a foreign Language, and totally in line with the current promotional objectives of this city of culture, with its museums and food culture.  


MEW is being promoted by NACEM (the Association of Schools of Spanish in Malaga) and supported by the associations, AEEA (Spanish in Andalucia) and FEDELE  (Spanish in Spain). This initiative has been made possible by the total support of the Tourism Department of Malaga Townhall, the Costa del Sol Tourist Board and the Andalucia Tourist Board, as well as the University of Malaga, the Confederation of Industry in Malaga, the Chamber of Commerce, Andalucia’s Export Marketing Board and Spain’s national Tourist Board, Turespaña. We would also like to thank our 2 private sponsors GuardMe and ICEF.


Malaga Education Week is made up of 3 separate but interrelated events which will take place in various parts of the city centre:


  • ECELE: FEDELE’s annual event for teachers of Spanish: 9-11 January in Malaga’s NH Hotel
  • The Malaga Congress: A Conference on the importance of Spanish as an economic resource: 12 January in the “Rectorado” of the University of Malaga in the Paseo del Parque.
  • ST Alphe Spain: the 4th edition in Malaga of this international B2B event for Study Abroad professionals: 13 and 14 January in the NH Hotel, Málaga





From 9-11 January: NH Hotel Malaga


This is an event organised by FEDELE in cooperation with Turespaña, with the objective of enabling directors and academic managers of secondary and professional education from around the world to get to know the opportunities for studying Spanish in Spain.  


The idea is to create a series of activities and experiences especially suited to this new type of intermediary.


There will be introductory talks about the range of courses offered in Spain and, in co-operation with the Instituto Cervantes, the benefits of the IC Accreditation process will be explained. There will also be direct sessions between schools and the invited teachers as well as cultural, touristic and gastronomic activities.


The series of “Encuentros de Centros de Enseñanza de Español” (ECELE) is a result of the decision taken between Turespaña and FEDELE to promote the study of Spanish in Spain via this different type of intermediary: Directors and teachers of schools from around the world where Spanish is taught.


The importance of Spanish, the world’s second language of international communication after English, and its increasing inclusion in national education syllabuses, has converted teachers of Spanish in secondary education as well as in Business schools and Universities, into important intermediaries for the private sector of Spanish Schools in Spain in promoting their immersion courses in Spain as supplementary programmes to those given overseas. 


The Malaga Congress: Spanish as an Economic Resource.


12 January:  the “Rectorado” of the University of Malaga, in the  Paseo del Parque.


The importance of Spanish and its teaching to the Spanish and international economy.


The Malaga Congress aims to bring together government and educational experts to discuss and assess the value and impact of the Spanish language.


The intention is not only to create a debating platform for teachers, education consultants, language schools and others interested in the teaching of languages, but also to attract those from the world of Language Tourism and the press in order to stimulate Study Abroad in general and, in particular, gain important coverage for Malaga as a study destination.




  • Representantives of local and national government in Spain
  • Directors of the Instituto Cervantes
  • University Rectors
  • Experts in the teaching of Spanish
  • Representatives from Malaga’s Schools of Spanish and those of the regional and national Associations. (NACEM, EEA and FEDELE)


Round table topics


In order to draw attention to the importance of Spanish in its widest possible context and, at the same time, look at certain opportunities and possible threats, the following themes will be discussed:


  • Spanish as an economic resource
  • Who comes to study Spanish: markets and student profiles.
  • An overview of the teaching of Spanish in the world: the present and future
  • The Cosmopolitan Tourist




  • Private and public institutions of Malaga and Andalucia
  • Schools of Spanish
  • Teachers participating in ECELE
  • Agents and schools participating in ALPHE
  • Students studying Spanish
  • The Press




13 and 14 January: NH Hotel Málaga


The StudyTravel Alphe Conferences are 2-day events in which educators and educational consultants participate in pre-organised agendas of head-to-head meetings. Conference destinations include London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Seoul, Saint Petersburg, Malaga, Bangkok, Taipei, Sao Paulo y Istanbul.


The Conferences enable the educators to meet Study Abroad consultants in 30 minute, pre-organised meetings and networking events designed to maintain and reinforce their professional relationships.

January 2018 will see the 4th edition in Malaga of the Alphe Spain Conference which has quickly grown to become one of the leading events of its kind.


Figures and facts from Alphe Spain 2017


  • 181 agents from 141 agencies
  • 158 educators
  • 17 service providers
  • 38 different student markets represented by agents
  • 401 participants including visitors and directors

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