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MEI ELE Student Statistics Report

Published Bernice on Monday, June 5, 2023 4:00 PM

MEI ELE Student Statistics Report

MEI, the leading association of English language schools in Ireland, has released a comprehensive report on international student statistics and the overall economic output of the English Language Education Sector in Ireland. The report, titled “ELE Student Statistics Report,” provides valuable insights and trends regarding international students’ participation in English language programmes in Ireland.

Key findings from the “ELE Student Statistics Report” include:

  1. Economic Impact: The ELE sector is now estimated to be worth at least €1.183bn to the Irish economy. This figure is based on direct student fee income, the total gross expenditures of overseas students and the induced impacts of these expenditures.
  2. Post-Pandemic Recovery: The ELE sector came to a standstill for almost two years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recovery started slowly in 2021, but Ireland saw an impressive 295% increase in student numbers between 2021 and 2022. Overall student weeks taught in 2022 eclipsed the total number of weeks taught in 2019.
  3. Global Recruitment: 112 countries send ELE students to Ireland. Most junior students come from Europe, but there is a diverse range of adult students choosing Ireland to study English. The Irish ELE sector continues to explore new markets. Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Mongolia and Turkey are growing markets.
  4. Sector Opportunities: The ELE sector in Ireland has demonstrated its resilience over the last few years and there are many opportunities for further success. There are many assets that can be drawn upon to promote Ireland as a destination for ELE students, Ireland’s international reputation, the impact of Brexit and its role as a hub for multinational companies.
  5. Sector Challenges: Accommodation shortages, escalating operational costs and a lack of qualified ELE professionals threatens the capacity for sector growth. There is ongoing competition from other destinations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The ELE sector in Ireland requires government policies that ensure Ireland can compete with other leading English-speaking countries.

MEI’s report aims to provide educators, policymakers, and industry stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the English Language Education landscape. By leveraging the valuable insights presented in the report, institutions and organisations can better address the needs of international students and develop strategies to foster an inclusive and thriving English language education sector in Ireland.

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