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Marlborough College School of English and Culture Testimonials

Published Lynne on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

MCSEC Testimonials

In describing what we have to offer at the Marlborough College School of English and Culture, it is often too easy to focus on specifics: when is the course? What activities are available? How many hours of teaching does it involve?

These questions are, of course, essential to anyone considering attending a summer course but they tend to overlook what is, for us, the most important question:

What do our students gain from their experience?

Every element of the course - from the syllabus and extra-curricular programme, right down to the room allocation and the daily schedule – is selected by the MCSEC team to ensure that our students have the most positive experience possible while they are staying with us.

Creating the kind of positive experiences that inspire us as educators is a delicate balancing act. We strive to make sure students are nurtured and supported while also given space to develop their independence; to ensure that they are challenged intellectually and encouraged to express their opinions without forgetting to listen to and engage with others.

This requires flexibility and sensitivity as we respond to students’ changing needs and energy levels throughout the course. This may mean changing the focus of a class based on students’ interests or making time for a quiet chat with someone who is struggling with homesickness.

The incredible growth we see the confidence of our students throughout their time at MCSEC, though inspiring, can be difficult to put into words. For that reason, we thought it best to let our students speak for themselves in this video in which two former students, Marie Sophie and Louisa, reflect on their time on Open Minds.


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