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MCSEC: School of English and Culture

Published on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

MCSEC: School of English and Culture

Creativity is the common thread that connects everything we do at the School of English and Culture. It is an integral part of our philosophy and is the starting point of our syllabus development, our afternoon activity selection and our offering of evening and weekend excursions.

Why is creativity important to us?    

A creative education is often misinterpreted as being an education that centres on artistic pursuit and performance. While these are endeavours that we believe are highly valuable for young people, our view of creativity in education is more fundamental than the performing arts.

If you are lucky enough to have childhood memories of taking part in outdoor adventures, it is very likely that you have experienced the rush that comes with taking a risk, pushing yourself and finding out what you are capable of.

We believe that this transformational thrill that is at the heart of every great adventure is to be equally found in creativity. We provide students with a supportive space in which they can push themselves intellectually and pursue their curiosity through collaboration, debate, performance, critical thinking and the creative arts. This approach asks students to take a risk in formulating and expressing their own unique perspective.

How has the creative approach been successful?  

The syllabus for our morning courses has been designed to maximise the opportunities for students to discover their capacity for self-expression and is complemented by our programme of evening and afternoon activities which further champion this creative approach.

Over the course of two weeks or a month, students may complete a range of outdoor activities- such as climbing, surfing or kayaking- develop a classroom project, take part in a performance, try out a new sport or skill and discover their unique perspective on a range of challenging topics. The outcome of all of these is invariably the same: year after year we see young people grow in confidence throughout the course and leave with a sense of pride at what they have achieved.   

Course dates: 12th July – 8th August 2020

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