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MCSE: Education Over The Summer

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, July 22, 2019

MCSE Education Summer

The Summer season is most arguably the most aesthetically pleasing of the four seasons to the majority of the residents here in the UK, yet despite this period of holiday and relaxation for some, MCSE and its students have been flourishing under the heat of the summer sun whilst studying at the school in an attempt to improve their language skills and further their academic careers.

Manchester Central School of English has had the pleasure of educating a number of students over the bustling Summer months this year, successfully boasting a high number of students studying in the school’s many classrooms. This Summer, in particular, MCSE has had the pleasure of hosting a number of groups of students who have travelled to the school with the aspirations of improving their English language skills for their futures.

In June, MCSE welcomed a group of 24 German students and 2 group leaders to the school. During their visit the school, and the city of Manchester, the students participated in a number of social activities and tours around the city whilst studying English at the school. Accompanied by two members of MCSE staff, the students and their group leaders enjoyed various sights around Manchester, including the Manchester Art Gallery, the Trafford Centre, China Town, Manchester Cathedral and also Manchester united’s Football Stadium at Old Trafford. A trip to Liverpool saw the students learn more about Manchester’s neighbouring cities and provided them with a great deal of knowledge and culture to learn about whilst exploring both the city’s historical streets.

The headmaster of the group of students stated that the students very much enjoyed their stay in Manchester whilst studying at MCSE and upon leaving the UK exclaimed that: “The students want to be back in Manchester!”.

In July, MCSE welcomed another group of students to study at the school, this time a group of eight teachers from Turkey who wished to learn more about the fields of Coding & Robotics. The group of eight studied at the school for a week under the guidance of a highly knowledgeable and experienced coding teacher, who taught the students the dynamics of coding in relation to website development and design. The students spoke very highly of both the teacher and the school, exclaiming that they had enjoyed their time studying at the school.

Finally, a group of students from Gandia, Spain, arrived at MCSE’s Junior Summer School Campus based at Salford University to study English over the Summer. The students hail from an academy specialising in new educational methods, exploring the academic fields of coding, robotics, and nature exploring. The students very much enjoyed their residency on campus and the weekly social activities, including crazy science, coding, sports, and a visit to Manchester’s famed Museum of Science and Industry. The students have informed us that they will return to the Summer School again next year to enjoy more of Manchester and the lessons that MCSE has to offer.

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