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MA in FinTech - the syllabus, the requirements and all there is to know about it

Published Bernice on Monday, April 27, 2020

MA FinTech Syllabus

Over the past weeks, we’ve spoken to you in great detail about the MA in FinTech program that is being offered by the University of Rennes1 in France starting in September 2020. The FinTech program lasts 2 years and in today’s article we will look at the syllabus and requirements so that your students can apply for this Master Degree from an esteemed French University. 


We spoke to Prof. Alvaro Pina Stranger, coordinator of the EIT Master School in Rennes1 and coordinator of the MA in FinTech program. When asked about the relevance of FinTech in 2020, Prof. Pina Stranger told us that, “the growth in the financial industry and the increasing number of applicants interested in obtaining a Degree from an Applied Program with expertise in Data Management, encouraged us to propose an entry and exit point for the EIT Master School program in FinTech. This new EIT Digtial program is under the European coordination of the University of Rennes 1. In conjunction with our simultaneous proposal to create the Master in Data Science, our Master in FinTech reinforces our current contribution to the European Institute of Technology's Master offer, consisting of 2 majors (Cloud & Network Infrastructures, and Cybersecurity) out of 8 in the EIT Digital Master School.

The FinTech entry point will provide in-depth theoretical and technical skills in basic courses (such as software development, Big Data Management, Processing and Storage, and Database security), and a Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) oriented towards FinTech services and technologies (i.e. I&E Basics, I&E Electives, Business Development Labs; and Application Project in Digital Finance), representing 60 ECTS. The exit point, through the specialisation in FinTech for Social impact, will provide a different specialization from other partners (e.g. Foundations of information retrieval in Digital Finance; Cloud and Big Data for Identity and Payment Management, Privacy-enhancing technologies; and Cyber Security), representing 60 ECTS.”


Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or an equivalent area. Applicants from the fields of Economics or Administrative Sciences can also apply, as long as they can demonstrate a strong formation or experience in informatics. Additionally, candidates should present an innovative technological project to develop along the program. Lastly, proficiency in English must be certified by an international test (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, etc.).

Language of the Course

The MA FinTech program is offered in English.

Further information

If any of our agents are interested in receiving more information about this interesting course, we encourage you to contact Prof. Pina Stranger on or you can get in touch with us, and we will in turn, put you in touch with the team in Rennes.

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