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Londist DMC launches its new Eco-friendly Pedicab in London

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Did you know that an electric pedicab, whether a three-wheeled taxi or cargo bike, can transport as much as car but while only using a fraction of its energy?

This is why taxi tricycles and other electrically-assisted commercial pedicabs are an essential component of the mobility of tomorrow, whether for transporting passengers or delivering products.

Since 3 weeks Londonist DMC is travelling across London with its branded, exceptional eco friendly pedicab, promoting the over 12 student residences in our portfolio and using it for logistic purposes.

This innovation comes from a deep research and understanding of the social and environmental matters such as pollution reduction air pollution, noise pollution, ground vibration.

Environmental pollution is one the major problems that affects biodiversity, ecosystems, and human health worldwide by contaminating soil and water.

Londonist DMC Pedicab has been designed to beat the traffic and as an incredible and highly innovative marketing tool.

We bet you are going to hear about it… and this is just the first one. Soon we are going to have several Londonist pedicabs all around London. Innovation and Londonist never sleep!

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