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Live from the Quality English and Quality Education Conference in Malta

Published on Thursday, November 23, 2017

It is here! The last event that we are attending for 2017, and we couldn't have ended this very busy year or conference and workshop hopping in a better way. Blue skies and blue sea...a fantastic backdrop offered by the Salini Resort, which is the chosen venue for the Quality Englisha nd Quality Education Conference and Agent Workshop that is being held in Malta between the 23rd and 24th November 2017.


Following a welcome address given by QE's and QEd's Chief Executive, Jonathan Swindell (featured in the live video clip below), participants were treated to an interesting talk by Philip Taza from Higher Education Marketing.



The first day of this event will continue with more talks given by more Sponsors and Service Providers who are currently attending this event. These will include talks by:


-Inline Marketing

-eFlex Training 

-The London School Group


Towards the end of the afternoon, Agents will join the Schools for Welcome Drinks sponsored by ESE (European School of English) before busses depart with participants to go to the old capital city of Mdina for a historic tour and dinner.


Continue watching this space and our social media channels for more live updates from #QEMalta17

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