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Cambridge Law Studio: The Legal English Event 2018

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, April 26, 2019

Legal English Event by Cambridge Law Studio

In November 2018, Cambridge Law Studio held a 2-day Legal English Event at The Law Society, in London. This event brought together lawyers, law students, legal English teachers, legal translators and anyone else with an interest to network and get up to date on relevant legal English information and share ideas. It also included well-known names in the Legal English industry, such as Ken Adams.

The reason behind this event was mainly because the international legal profession is going through a wave of changes which can have an effect on various organisations. As a result, Cambridge Law Studio felt that it’s better to understand and contribute to what’s happening in the legal sector, rather than having to face these changes when they take place. This was the first event of its kind, internationally.

Participants at the event attended 4 different presentations, plus additional workshops (see below) of their choice. These talks focused on the legal and language skills that international commercial lawyers will need in the twenty-first century. They also enabled those who attended to talk to legal translators, legal trainers, legal English experts and pick up digital marketing ideas. A copy of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting by Ken Adams, and Advanced Legal English, by Cambridge Law Studio’s very own, Natalie Canham and Catherine Mason, were handed out, too.

The main subjects during these 2 days were:

- International agreements, the role of the WTO and the 2017/18 Brexit disruption and International Arbitration and the future of Alternative Dispute Resolution: problems and prospects by Elahe Ghazinoori, Founder of EMG Associates

- ‘Trade not Tort’: Practical legal English and how to learn it. Using valuable development time to your greatest benefit by Natalie Canham, Director of Studies at Cambridge Law Studio.

- ‘Lost in Translation’: common law and civil law concepts and their impact on drafting and negotiating contracts by Daniela Muth, Director of Marble Hill Law School

- What’s wrong with traditional contract drafting and how to fix it by Ken Adams, Founder of Adams Contracts Consulting LLC

- An analysis of what the legal English employers really value and how best to acquire it by Catherine Mason, Founder of Cambridge Law Studio and current Director at TOLES

- A safer translation brief: how we can work together to make translations functional, accurate and fit for purpose by Kate Rudd, Owner and Director of Clarity Language Solutions.

- Agile marketing in a digital world: how to transform your business with the principles of digital marketing by Peter Kerr, Founder and Director of 8020 Business Coaching

- Artificial Intelligence is coming for your job right now, while you’re away from the office by Alex Hamilton, CEO and founder of Radiant Law.

As one can see both from the subjects mentioned above, as well as the choice of speakers, this event was certainly one which could have benefitted anyone in the Legal English Industry. If you would like more information about this event, speakers or any of the subjects discussed, please contact us on

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