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Lead5050 Offers Free Programs to Bolster Organizational Support Systems in Response to Health and Economic Impacts

Published Bernice on Monday, March 16, 2020

Lead 5050 Support Group

In response to emerging health and economic conditions impacting the international education sector, Lead5050 is offering an online workshop and virtual support sessions daily to help leaders build trust, resilience and community within their organizations. The workshop, called “Sharpen Your Business Edge With Soft Power”, will take place on March 19. The virtual support sessions will start on March 18.

Health concerns, government restrictions and fear of travel are having unprecedented impact on the International Education field. As a result, organizations are faced with difficult decisions to keep their students and teams safe and to keep their organizations afloat. Decision-makers often have an easier time “deciding” than effectively communicating and implementing the decision within their teams.

“I have seen the difference that a compassionate and intentional response from leadership can make in times of crisis. There are easy and specific steps that leaders can adopt to build trust and morale through the transition” said Nadine Baladi, Executive Advisor to Lead5050.

The “Sharpen Your Business Edge With Soft Power” workshop is designed to help leaders and directors worldwide gain the trust of their teams, set-up (free) support systems for their teams, maintain morale and build resilience and community in this time of crisis. It is offered free to members. Registration is now open at Non-members are welcome to participate for a £90 fee (~$110 USD).

Lead5050 is also offering this workshop in closed-group format for a nominal fee, customizing the workshop to an organization’s needs and unique scenario. These customized workshops will be limited to 8 participants to maximize interactive collaboration.

The facilitated virtual support sessions, the “Lead5050 Lockdown Love-in”, will take place on weekdays at times suited to cover the global and are free to members and non-members alike. The intention is to offer connection and support during challenging times, with free-flowing conversations to share ideas, successes, concerns and encouragement. “We cannot change what's happening, but we can make this time of lockdowns a supportive one and yes, even an enjoyable one for all. We’ll be there for our colleagues every day” said Lead5050 co-founder Ella Tyler. Details on these daily chats are available on the Events page of the organizations’ website, and on its Facebook Group.


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