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Are Your Students Looking for Single Courses?

Published Lynne on Monday, January 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Laurel Springs Single

Laurel Springs School helps students get ahead with single online courses.

Do you have students who are looking to round out their education? An extra AP class could strengthen their transcripts or a World Language class could help supplement their current curriculum. If your students could use a boost in fulfilling graduation requirements, completing prerequisite courses, or getting ahead on certain subjects, Laurel Springs has a variety of academic solutions.

Laurel Springs offers a wide range of part-time, single course options including college-prep, AP, Honors, and World Language courses. Students can complete these classes online while still attending their primary school program. In addition to a well-rounded course selection, students enrolled in a single course still receive teacher-guided instruction from anywhere there is a reliable internet connection.

Making the Grade

Because our college-prep courses include full teacher services and individualized grading, most of our courses are NCAA and University of California a-g approved. This is especially beneficial to any student athletes looking to schedule study time around their training schedule. As for those looking to get ahead in the college acceptance process, Laurel Springs has an excellent record of its courses being accepted by a student’s primary school for credit and for admission to colleges.

Studying on Any Schedule

Athletes aren’t the only ones with busy schedules. Anyone who would benefit from more time to pursue their passions while still reaching their educational goals would find value in registering for a single course. Plus, Laurel Springs’ rolling admissions process means part-time students may enroll in a single course at any time.

Whether students are looking to get ahead, catch up in core academic courses, or supplement their full-time academics, Laurel Springs’ single-course options are the solution. For more information about how you can offer single courses to your families, contact the Partnerships team to request a consultation and discuss options. 

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