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A Laurel Springs Partnership: Becoming an Educational Dream Team

Published Lynne on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 12:00 AM

Laurel Springs Dream Team

Laurel Springs partners with educational institutions to offer exceptional learning experiences.

Partnerships at Laurel Springs School offer customizable opportunities for organizations and consultants around the world, enabling them to provide exceptional learning experiences to their student population through an innovator and pioneer in online learning.

Hayutin and Associates is an organization that provides a variety of educational services from tutoring and test prep to executive function coaching and education therapy. As a trusted partner, we work together to provide students a well-rounded education that suits their specific needs.

One of these students is equestrian Cameron Brown. Like many students who struggle with a school schedule, Cameron and her family looked into alternative academic options. First, they found Hayutin, then they found Laurel Springs. Cameron needed a more flexible school environment that could cater to her educational and extracurricular needs. “Cam was already a hardworking student before Laurel Springs,” says Maya Varga, Director of Hayutin. “The traditional brick-and-mortar setting was not conducive to the heavy demands of training and competition. The move to Laurel Springs opened up more doors for Cameron as she pursued college and rewarded her academically for the hard work she was putting in.”

It’s partnerships like these that provide students with the support of an educational dream team. Partners are able to supplement their students’ education. Laurel Springs is able to continue to set students on a path to academic success. Students are able to see their dreams realized. To learn more about partnering with Laurel Springs and how we can help you and your students succeed, contact us for a consultation.

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