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Learn Language and Leadership Together for the Perfect Cambridge Summer Camp Experience!

Published Bernice on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 12:00 AM

Language and Leadership

With a small, friendly community of staff and students representing over 50 different nationalities each summer, there is no better way to improve and develop your English than through the English Language and Leadership course at our Reach Cambridge summer camp.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been offering successful English Language classes, helping students from around the world come together and improve their English language skills both within the classroom and beyond. We’ve always been proud to see students from so many different backgrounds join us in Cambridge, and really believe that this diversity is an integral part of what makes our international summer programs so successful. You almost forget you’re learning when part of that learning is simply having fun and making new friends!

Combining important English language skills with questions of leadership for this year’s courses, we really feel we’ve struck on the perfect curriculum. As important as language, leadership has always been integral to the Reach Cambridge experience outside the classroom and key for getting students to think about how to prepare for university and life beyond.

Bringing these leadership principles into our English-speaking summer camp means that students of all language levels can learn from and guide one another. They can work on basic communication skills, build on existing vocabularies and polishing written communication, all while tackling some of the most important issues facing young people today in a dynamic team-setting.

Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their English, or just explore ideas about leadership with other passionate young people from around the world, the English Language and Leadership course combines all the usual elements of a language course with continuous discussion, outings around Cambridge, and the chance for students to challenge themselves and participate actively in shaping what they learn.

There is no better place to learn either language or leadership than Cambridge, which has been an integral site of English culture and world leaders for centuries. Join us on a Reach Cambridge summer camp to learn language and leadership together in this historic home of Wilberforce, Newton, Darwin, Diane Abbott and so many more!

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