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Living Learning English - Summer 2:1 Programme

Published Lynne on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 12:00 AM

Living Learning English - Summer 2:1 Programme

We are now taking bookings for our Young Learners 2:1 courses; we have teachers available in fantastic locations across the UK!

Living Learning English homestay courses provide students with total immersion in English language and culture – there’s no better or faster way to learn!

Students are carefully matched in pairs by age, interests and level of English. Each member of the pair will be of a different nationality, which means their only common language is English - Summer 2:1 is an excellent opportunity to share the course and make a friend from another country.

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Our Students will tell you:

We can tell you all about the quality of our courses (and we will!) but trust our past students when they say what an amazing experience they've had on a course with Living Learning English.

I was in south of england and the weather was very good. it was my greatest english experience. This travel make me discover a bit part of England. I had a lot of luck because i was with a great family and a great partner. The food was delisious and we visited beautiful typical English monument. I recommend this organisation for loocking at holiday in english family.

- Sebastien, 16, France - 

I really like this family and they have a lot of animals. Which I really love. My most favourite was the cat Luna. And she is cute.

We did grammar: I wrote my diary everyday about 2 pages and did a lot of grammar. And on every test I get around 97%.

We also did a lot of activities. First we went to ‘Thorpe Park’, it is my favourite park in the whole world! Becouse I prefer more scary attractions (better to say extreme attractions) and I really love this park. Then we went to Longleat and I saw my favourite animal - red panda. I was really happy.

We had a lot of parties (and I had my birthday party too)! We went a camping twice and to the beach. Bournemouth is located near the sea and we swam a lot. And another park which I liked too is ‘SplashDown’ I was really excited to go there because I really love it.

We went to a BBQ near the beach and with my friend from Spain. I went with the learning partner to ‘Flambards’ and we had a great time. I think that we will meet next year and have amazing time again (if not, more 4 or 3 days my mum and I will go together with the teacher family to Longleat again)!

- Ana, 14, Russia -

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