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An Eventful September for Living Learning English

Published Lynne on Friday, October 15, 2021 12:00 AM

An Eventful September for Living Learning English

What an eventful September we have had! 

Living Learning English Guardianship have welcomed our guardianship students back to the UK and we have been conducting personalised online induction meetings with each child and their family before they arrive in the UK. Each family has been incredibly grateful for the extra time and support our team have given them to help with their questions and queries. Many parents were still unsure about quarantine and testing requirements and felt reassured by the information we gave to them.

Our lovely teachers have once again exceeded our expectations in hosting our students before the start of term.

As summer came to a close, we have also been busy checking in with our students to make sure that they have settled well into school.

Angela met Jurus and discovered a lot of things about his life as a boarder in the UK. For example, he auditioned to play bugle in the military band at his school! How impressive! Though we are not meeting students face to face yet, virtual meetings are taking place and they are an invaluable opportunity to assess our students’ wellbeing at a time of big change in their lives.

The Living Learning English Guardianship team take individual interest in every student in our care, and our commitment to the safety, happiness and progress of our students is exceptional.

If you are interested in our comprehensive Educational Guardianship service, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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