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Introduction to Key Tuition

Published Lynne on Thursday, May 6, 2021 12:00 AM

Key Tuition Introduction

We started our online tuition business in the summer of 2020 so language learning could continue virtually when Coronavirus stopped us all from travelling. Happily, we have been able to continue learning with our students wherever they are and in fact, we now connect with students even more than we had done before.

We have regular weekly sessions in countries from the UK to Europe to Asia and we can study, share, learn and laugh together.

There are many benefits of online learning which are above and beyond face-to-face learning. We are safe, flexible and with all our resources online we can share any work, documents or whiteboards immediately. Perhaps being able to learn together and laugh is even more important in times when many people can feel isolated.

A movie quote from the Marvel film ‘The Black Panther’ sums up our philosophy “We all know the truth: more connects us than separates us. But in times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers.”

Across the world, we have all experienced a time of crisis with the pandemic, but I believe that we can continue to build bridges wherever we are and connect together. If you feel the same, we would love to connect with you at Key Tuition 😊

What you can study with Key Tuition

We specialise in English and German Language tuition. Our tutors are native speakers, highly qualified and Cambridge Accredited for online tutoring.  We teach from Elementary and Primary school levels up to Proficiency, supporting Cambridge Exams, IELTS, Goethe-Institut Zertifikat, as well as Business English and German. 

We also offer English and German for International Baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSEs.

Our lessons are designed and tailored to be delivered on the student’s computer, tablet or even phone.  They can be anywhere with a good Internet connection.  We use Zoom as our online platform which has many interactive features including a whiteboard, to make students feel that they are in the same room as their tutor.

See what some of our students have to say:

“I enjoy learning with Zoom. It feels like you are in the same room and we learn many things from grammar to Agatha Christie!” - Kaho, Japan

“Liz will find new ways to turn your world into a classroom, going above and beyond for your education” - Eugene, China

“The class was interactive and fun as I could share screens and review documents in real-time. We could even annotate and write on them which I thought was pretty cool! Would highly recommend!” - Adrian, Indonesia

Try a free taster lesson

A risk-free way to see how your students could benefit from a full course of tuition with us.  In these tough times, as well as running our business, we believe in giving something back.  We have free content on our website (see our blogs, videos and Split Words games). 

We also run discounted group workshops.  We will be starting more groups shortly including Grammar and Vocabulary workshops and an Online Book Club.  Please contact us to see what we can offer specifically for your students?

We believe learning should be engaging and fun at the same time as developing students' language skills, as you’ll see if you visit our website and YouTube channel.

A little background from Liz:

I began my teaching journey in Italy, in my 20s, in the beautiful area of Abruzzo. I will always vividly remember my first few days and the challenge and stress of not being able to communicate with the people around me, as I could not speak any Italian.

I felt like a small, lost child, confused and overwhelmed by all the noisy conversation around me, and understanding nothing. The first evening I was invited out for dinner, but I was unable to communicate with anyone until an Italian lady next to me pointed to the night sky, and to the stars and the moon. She said stelle and luna– or stars and moon and these first words of Italian were the start of my own language journey.

In my opinion, the process of learning a language is like a key which unlocks the doors to the meaning of so many words and ideas, hence our “key” Company Logo – to unlock your language learning potential.

Since my time in Italy, which included a year in the bellissima Sicily, (the home of the best pizza that I have ever eaten!) I have been fortunate to have lived and taught in various countries including Portugal, China, Hong Kong and Japan. Whilst teaching English, I have always tried to learn the native language, if not always successfully!

After a few months in Kyushu, Japan I was so proud when I could read nearly all the Japanese Hiragana alphabet until a Japanese friend told me that all young children could read Hiragana in Kindergarten and that I should aim to learn Kanji!

There is a magical feeling when you unlock the mysteries of another language, which also helps to learn about different cultures. This is one of the reasons that I love teaching, to see my students build up their own confidence learning English whatever their level, communicating with others more effectively and make progress to reach their dreams and shine.

Have a look at our website to understand more about us and to see what we have to offer.  Stay safe and we hope to speak to you soon and share in your students` journey 😊

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