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Interviewing James Perry - FELTOM CEO

Published on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

In today's interview we shall meet FELTOM's new CEO, James Perry. As you'll see we've asked him about his experience in the industry as well as his plans for the future of FELTOM.


You have recently taken on the role as CEO at FELTOM. How has it been so far?


FELTOM is a federation that ensures that member schools always strive to deliver a high-quality product and service.  It was set-up to improve and ensure the maintenance of standards in all aspects of English language stays in Malta.  Upon becoming a part of this federation I felt humbled by seeing all the diverse but great schools that form part of this organization and felt even more driven to perform my role as best as I can. 


My experience has been very interesting until now, especially since one of my first tasks, was attending ICEF Berlin just 3 days into the commencement of my role.  This experience pushed me straight into the deep end of the pool and got me swimming fast;  no dipping ones’ toes there - thankfully I am an excellent swimmer.  


The experience has also been an eye opening one, because although I have previously worked within the tourism and education sector both locally and overseas, there is lots to learn that idiosyncratic to the ELT Industry.


During one of our recent conversations you mentioned that your experience prior to this role has been in the tourism industry. How will this experience help you in your new position?


Throughout my studies I have had the opportunity to work within various hospitality sectors, however the most relevant to this role, is the post I held at the Institute of Tourism Studies , Malta, where I was first engaged  as a registrar, then Deputy Director and for the last year worked as the Acting Director of the same school.  This experience provided me with the background to understand Tourism from a more educational view point and understand how course and institute accreditation works.


Apart from these experiences, in 2015 I was appointed as an accreditation consultant/officer by the National Curriculum for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) in Course accreditation which also included the assessment of schools.


All the above experiences gave me the background understanding of tourism, education & accreditation that can be translated nicely into my new role as the CEO of the Federation.


Over and above your FELTOM role, who is James Perry?


Well I am a very outgoing person who likes to meet people and to have a good laugh.  In the past, during my free time I have run (or managed) a children’s choir for 11 years on a voluntary basis and sang in various voluntary festivals in aid of charitable organizations.  I am very hard-working person who likes travelling and exploring what the world has to offer.  Last but not least I am a huge animal lover, in fact I have 2 dogs.


What do you see as your major goals for FELTOM for the upcoming year?


Well I have big shoes to fill, so other than maintaining excellent relations with our member schools and sponsors I would like to explore new ways in which to give more value to our FELTOM schools. Also, always seeking ways to improve both from an accreditation point of view and a marketing one as well.  I believe that I should continue building relationships with global industry players to ensure stronger and more fruitful relations, but also information sharing of best practice etc. It is very important to FELTOM to not only keep Malta on the map as a top destination for ELT globally but also to emphasise on the unique features our member schools have. From a local lobbying point of view, certainly to keep pushing for the introduction of the work and study visa for TCN’s, this would certainly contribute to taking Malta to the next level, in an international competitive scale.


Tell us a little about the upcoming FELTOM workshop in Malta.


Well the Workshop is intended to attract quality agents wanting to explore Malta as a potential new ELT destination within their portfolio, or for agents that already sell Malta but not had the time to see what it has to offer.  It is also an opportunity to see what the Federation stands for, get to know it’s ethos and members and hopefully add Malta and FELTOM Schools to their portfolio.  We are working hard to ensure that it will be a great success and hopefully will have a great turnout.    Planning for this event is well under way and I am looking forward to showcasing the Maltese Islands and the ELT Schools.





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