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L’Italiano Porticando Torino - 15 years of Italian Language and Culture in Turin

Published on Monday, December 2, 2019

L'Italiano Porticando language school

On 10 January 2019 L’Italiano Porticando, the first school specializing exclusively in teaching Italian language and culture in Turin, will turn 15.

When the school was founded by the three partners, Rosaria, Caterina and Laura nobody would have backed the idea that teaching Italian in Turin would have brought them success.  But they knew this was the right decision. Turin and the Piedmont region are not widely known as great tourist destinations in Italy, however thanks to their incredible historical and artistic legacy they are perfect destinations for those seeking places away from the well-trodden tourist track.

And they were indeed right: today l’Italiano Porticando is a reference point for those who want to learn Italian in Turin. The school is open all year round and runs Italian language courses for all levels and needs. Students can choose between standard courses (group classes with maximum 8 students), classes in small-groups, individual classes and courses combining group classes with a wide range of cultural classes (for example, literature, Italian architecture, Italian art, Italian music or cinema). For those living in Turin there are also regular evening courses for all levels. Furthermore, since 2017 the school has successfully run a one week Summer City Camp in July for kids and teenagers.

The Italian language classes are supplemented by many extracurricular activities that provide opportunities to discover Turin and to speak Italian outside the classroom, something which has been a part of the school’s philosophy from the very beginning. In fact, did you know that L’Italiano Porticando means “Learn Italian while walking under Turin’s 18 kms of arcades.

When people ask what makes this school so special, the thing that comes to mind is that though the school has grown considerably since it was founded, the atmosphere remains very personal.  Indeed, L’Italiano Porticando prides itself on the fact that no student is a number: the school’s owners are a family and they want to pass on this feeling to all those who want to experience a bit of “Italian family life”.

Perhaps for many, the more significant point is the strength and quality of the school’s teaching. All teachers at L’Italiano Porticando are specialists in teaching Italian as a foreign language and have years of experience catering to the needs of those who face language learning for the first time. The school’s commitment to quality was underlined by the decision to join ASILS, the association of Italian Language Schools in Italy, whose main aim is ensuring that its members always deliver quality teaching and services to their international students.

15 years seems a long time, but the school’s management still believe in their dream and they strive to make the school and Turin known to the many who may not know that this part of Northwestern Italy has so much to offer them!

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