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Canary Islands’ Day - Island Learning

Published Bernice on Monday, May 28, 2018

May 30th is Día de las Islas Canarias!  Here at Island Learning, located on the second smallest Canary Island, (La Gomera) we are ready to celebrate! 

Our students will be able to enjoy parades with traditional dress, taste local cuisine, watch a Lucha match (a kind of wrestling), hear all kinds of music from ancient folklore to pulsing drum beats and let’s not forget La Gomera’s famous Silbo, a UNESCO protected whistling language.

We believe that students learn better when they experience the language and Canary Islands’ Day is a wonderful display of everything that is unique about this region. 

In October, La Gomera will play host to Fiestas Lustrales 2018. This is a religious festival that draws thousands of faithful to the island every 5 years.  Why not sign up to one of our 1-week Culture & Education Tours during the month of October to experience something unforgettable!

For students wishing to improve their Spanish, Island Learning offers a variety of courses throughout the year that have been carefully planned allowing students to rapidly improve their language skills.

Top 3 reasons to study with Island Learning!

1. La Gomera is the ultimate study vacation destination

2. Combine language learning with sailing, hiking, diving or yoga

3. Small class sizes = student centered learning environment

There are still places available for summer courses – for more information or to work with us directly please contact us at

See you at the port!

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