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Introducing CSOE

Published on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In today's interview we are intorducing CSOE: Celtic School of English in Tralee, Ireland.  Continue reading to find out why this school can be interesting for students of all ages!


How long has CSOE been around for and where are you based? 

Celtic School of English has been in existence since 2003. After moving a couple of times, we finally moved to our permanent home at 3 Greenview Terrace, Tralee, Co. Kerry. Being in scenic Kerry is fantastic. We have the benefit of mountains and sea around us while Tralee is a bustling town with plenty of activity. We regularly go on hikes with students – the views and photos are brilliant!


What would you say are your unique selling points?

It’s impossible to actually ‘sell’ how good our teachers are. This Summer our teachers were the most popular reason for students to be in Celtic School of English. Our classes are small with an average of 6 students so it means that every student receives a lot of attention from the teachers. ‘Fun’ and ‘motivating’ were two of the most common words to describe teachers and classes.

Our location is definitely a selling point for us. Tralee is a safe place – recently awarded a Purple Flag for safety – parents can be assured that their child or children is safe with us. Adult students feel safe when they walk around


Who do you cater for?

We can organise courses for anyone really! A lot of schools and groups explain what they need and their budget and we do the rest. We have English + activity courses for teenagers during the Summer as well as shorter English + culture programmes throughout the year. For adults, we organise:

General English classes and also English + Work Placement programmes which are becoming more and more popular. Recently we have been organising quite a few Teacher Training programmes which we like to mix with our Culture Burst programme. This latter course is a long weekend packed with activity and English. We organise it around different festivals such as Dingle Food Festival – so far the feedback has been great as participants are completely immersed into an English speaking world and enjoy activities and sight-seeing that they may not experience if they are regular tourists.


Which are your most popular courses? Why?

The Teenage Activity Programme is definitely the most popular with teenagers and their parents as Tralee is so safe, there are no hidden costs and as one agent said ‘parents don’t realise the amount of care and attention that students get at CSOE compared to other schools’. Parents or students should not have to worry about anything during this programme.

For adults, all of the programmes are popular but, actually, the Intensive General English course – just the basic course – is really popular because students learn so much and can avail of so much more for free in the school such as activities, learning lectures, online learning, coffee! The teachers also act as mentors to the students and advise/suggest extra work on an ongoing basis if the student wishes. It means the students can be as independent as they wish, knowing that there is always someone to ask for help if they need.


Why should our agents contact you?

Our students return to us so if agents are looking for a school that will take care of their ‘clients’ and will probably provide repeat business for them, then they should contact CSOE. We are easy to deal with (according to others!) and want to do the best for the agent and the student


Which markets are you mainly interested in?

All!! We would love to have more students from all over the world

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