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Introducing AIL Madrid

Published on Monday, May 8, 2017

In today's interview we are pleased to introduce AIL Madrid so that you can read about what this school has to offer and how our agents can benefit from working with them. 


How did AIL Madrid come about and when was the school opened?


The School Director and founder, Chris Haworth started AIL Madrid 11 years , although the story goes back beyond them to Chris’s tiny Madrid city center flat and the year 2000 when he first arrived in Madrid. Chris’s initial experience of  Madrid was intoxicating; the language, the nightlife, the sheer vibrant energy of the city. Like so many of us he immediately fell in love with Madrid, feeling a special thrill every time he had to show visitors to his wonderful new home, and increasingly conscious that this special city was going to form a long term narrative in his life.


After 3 years, immovable British accent aside, Chris had achieved near perfect use of the Spanish language and drawn as ever to the need for something new he went to France to do a short intensive French course. While there, he met the director of a language school in Montpellier who gave him the first insights into the world of the language academy, from teaching to directing. A small seed was planted and slowly began to take root in his mind. Chris had always loved languages, loved knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers, and knew what it takes to engage a student. So, why not start a language academy?


Within a few short years AIL Madrid was born. With the help of some old university friends all working from various, old fashioned Madrid flats, they worked hard to turn an idea into a living, breathing school. A website was created, space rented, and teachers interviewed. Chris knew from the beginning that he wanted dedicated, native teachers who were trained linguists or educators and were passionate about the language, their students, and who understood and enjoyed discussing Spanish culture.


And so in the summer of 2006 Stephanie from Nuremburg, Germany arrived, the first student, and  shining example of the academy/student relationship that AIL continues to foster to this day. Stephanie proved  to be a warm, friendly 26 year old and after studying for 3 months she soon became part of the AIL family. In fact after the course Chris hired her to work in the school administration, and has maintained the friendship ever since. It’s a very human story, but AIL Madrid is a very human school!


In your opinion, what are the USP’s (Unique Selling Points) of your school?


AIL Madrid provides a full Spanish immersion experience which uniquely combines rigorous academic excellence with the underlying idea that learning should be fun, and that discovering Spanish culture in one of Europe’s greatest cities is endlessly rewarding.


To achieve all this at competitive prices AIL Madrid strives for excellence in all areas from a dedicated Accommodation Department, a truly international multi-lingual Student Care Team, and excellent facilities in a fantastic location.


Which are your main courses, and can you tell us something about them?


AIL Madrid provides a wide range of  courses from University Pathway, to Internships, Business Spanish, Exam preparation, and life style programs, such as Spanish and Dance, and Spanish and Art. However, the most popular option is the Intensive Course which consists of 20 lessons per week combined with Fun Afternoon Activities to create a full cultural and linguistic immersion. Students work in groups of a maximum number of 8 as they work develop their Spanish communicative skills while working through the relevant structures for their level. Students can add individual classes to the Intensive Course to create a Premium option, or increase the number of group hours to 30 to form a Total Immersion.


Why should agents contact you?


Agents should contact AIL Madrid  because it  can provide an excellent service for their clients with transparent, and generous commissions, and is growing fast to become one of the key points of reference for Spanish language learning in Spain. AIL Madrid has a specific team dedicated to working with agents and would love to have you onboard!

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