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Intrinsiq Client Focus - Oskar Lernt Englisch

Published Bernice on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 9:33 AM

Intrinsiq Client Focus - Oskar Lernt Englisch

It is once again time to introduce one of our Intrinsiq clients and today we are pleased to turn our spotlight to Oscar Learns English. In the bustling world of language education, one institution stands out for its unwavering commitment to empowering learners on their journey to English proficiency - Oskar Lernt Englisch

With a mission to foster a love for language learning and create a supportive environment for students of all ages and backgrounds, this esteemed language school has been a beacon of excellence for years. From their innovative teaching methods to a diverse range of courses, Oskar Lernt Englisch has earned its reputation as a leading destination for those seeking to master the English language.

Who are ‘Oskar Lernt Englisch’?

Oskar Lernt Englisch is a renowned language school dedicated to empowering learners on their English language journey. With a strong focus on creating a supportive and inspiring learning environment, the school aims to foster a love for language learning among students of all ages and backgrounds. Their mission revolves around providing high-quality language courses that are personalised to meet the unique needs and proficiency levels of each individual. Led by highly qualified and experienced English teachers, the classes aim to boost students' confidence and language skills effectively.

Oskar Lernt Englisch Language Camps

The language camps offered by Oskar Lernt Englisch are an immersive and dynamic experience designed to accelerate language learning in a fun-filled environment. These camps cater to young learners, providing them with a unique opportunity to improve their English skills while engaging in exciting activities and forming lasting friendships. Led by highly qualified and experienced instructors, the camps focus on interactive language exercises, cultural exploration, and team-building exercises. With a perfect blend of education and adventure, participants gain confidence in using English effectively in real-life situations. Whether exploring the great outdoors, partaking in creative workshops, or enjoying interactive language games, Oskar Lernt Englisch language camps promise an unforgettable and transformative linguistic journey for every participant.

Oskar Lernt Englisch Day Camps


At Oskar Lernt Englisch, the day camps offer an immersive and exciting language learning experience like no other. Designed to ignite the curiosity and enthusiasm of young learners, these camps provide a perfect blend of education and fun. Through engaging activities, interactive games, and dynamic language exercises, children are encouraged to practise and enhance their English skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Led by experienced and enthusiastic instructors, each day is thoughtfully crafted to foster language fluency, build confidence, and promote cultural awareness. Whether it's exploring captivating stories, engaging in creative projects, or participating in group discussions, the day camps at Oskar Lernt Englisch leave a lasting impact, inspiring a lifelong love for language learning while creating cherished memories of a summer well-spent.

Language trips to England organised by Oskar Lernt Englisch

Oskar Lernt Englisch organises language trips to England that offer an exceptional language-learning experience, blending immersive classes with cultural exploration. Participants receive personalised English courses from dedicated and qualified teachers, tailored to their individual needs and proficiency levels. Beyond the classrooms, students explore iconic landmarks, historical cities, and picturesque landscapes, immersing themselves in English culture. Interactive language exchange programs and local interactions further enhance communication skills. With a focus on safety and attention to detail, Oskar Lernt Englisch ensures students not only advance their language abilities but also create cherished memories, making these trips transformative and enjoyable language-learning adventures for all.

If you would like to find out more about Oskar Lernt Englisch, click here.



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