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Intrinsiq Interview: Getting to know the Intrinsiq Team

Published Bernice on Thursday, February 3, 2022 12:00 AM

Intrinsiq Interview - Getting to know the Intrinsiq Team

One of the new features that we will be publishing on behalf of our friends at Intrinsiq, is the Intrinsiq Interview. This week’s article focuses on the interview that we had earlier today on the Schools & Agents Facebook Page, where we had the opportunity to speak to Mark Milford and Jonas Farrugia from Intrinsiq, about what they have planned for us for 2022.

New Content

We started off the interview by talking about the new content that Intrinsiq have prepared for us, especially in terms of their blog. Each month we can expect the following articles to be published on the Intrinsiq blog and also on the Schools & Agents website:

- An article on the Intrinsiq Process, which will focus mainly on how the Intrinsiq team helps their clients with training them on how to use the system, with post-sales and also with involving the whole school team in the development of the system

- A "How it Works" article, which will focus on simply explaining different aspects of the Intrinsiq school management system

- A support article, which will focus on answering clients' frequently asked questions

- A client interview - each month we, at Schools & Agents, will interview one of the current Intrinsiq clients who will share with us his/her experience

Intrinsiq is a Bespoke system

One of the things that came up during the interview is the importance of having a bespoke system and the advantages that this brings along for education providers. One of the main advantages is that each school and each university is different; and unfortunately when you go for an off-the-shelf product you might have to sacrifice a lot of your needs because the software would not allow for certain features. A customizable software, such as Intrinsiq, will ensure that it is the school management system that adapts to your requirements.

Watch the full interview here:

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